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Want to Build your career in Security operations in Australia? Now Get CPP20218 Certificate II in security operations.
Australian security operations industry is one of the biggest employers in the country employing approximately 180,000 people which makes it the larger industry as compared to the Australian police force and defence even. Moreover, this industry generates approx. 11 billion dollars in revenue every year. However, one of the important statistics to look at is there are 153,000 candidates who have got licensed in security operations. So, it means the industry is quite wide but there are more than 90% professionals who are employed only after getting adequate license to work into the security operation field. Further it is expected that in coming times Australian security operations industry is expected to increase by 11% per annum thereby contributing higher revenue and also offering higher employment to the people interested into the security operations in the country. But demand for the certification is ever increasing and more and more opportunities are opening for the people in this security who have got license into the security operations.
Certifications required for Security operations career in Australia

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There are mainly two type of certifications which are required into the security operations industry in Australia and these are:
1.    CPP20218 Certificate II in security operations
2.    CPP31318 Certificate III in security operations
CPP20218 certificate II in security operations is the beginner certification and is required for the security professionals who are doing unarmed duties in their field. While certificate III in security operations is higher qualification and provided to those who already have certificate II with them. Having certificate III in security operations allow a security professional to posses the armed with them while carrying out their duties.
Benefits of building career in Security operations field in Australia
There are numerous benefits which attracts candidate towards the security operations job in Australia and some of these are given as under:
1.    Large size of Australian security industry: With security operation industry deploying over 180,000 people in Australia. It provides ample opportunities for the aspirants to build their career into security operations industry.
2.    Great exposure: Becoming a security guard provide great exposure for the candidate wherein few jobs allow candidates to sit at some fix location while some other may allow them to patrol from one place to other at their own flexibility.
3.    Stable Job: Australian security operation field is really challenging and fulfilling for the candidate and most importantly it provides the stability in the job. This makes the career quite appealing for the candidates as they have the job security and can do their job with utmost satisfaction.
4.    Rewarding experience: Along with full of challenges the role for security guard is completely rewarding for the job seekers. As security guards are deployed at mega sporting events and other events to witness such exciting moments. Also, there are numerous perks which are being offered to the security officials.
5.    Multiple career options: The security operation sector offers multiple career options for the candidates as there are multiple opportunities around different sectors which are being offered to the security personnels.
How to get Security certificate and license to kick start job in security operations in Australia?
It has become easy for the candidates to start their job in security operations industry in Australia wherein aspirants can obtain CPP20218 Certificate II in security operations or CPP31318 certificate III in security operations depending upon the kind of job being applied for. Punjab Assignment help has exclusive tie up with the college and universities offering security operation certificate wherein the process is completely online and offers below mentioned features:
1.    Process is completely online thereby no classes and no assessment
2.    Legit certificate and applicable in entire Australia
3.    Provided by registered RTO
4.    Affordable price range
5.    Provided in quick time frame of 30-45 days
An aspirant looking for security operations certificate needs to provide below mentioned documents in order to process their application
1.    VISA
2.    Passport
3.    Photo ID
4.    Address proof
5.    Email id
6.    Contact no
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