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Unit Code:XPD503
Assessment Due Date: 
Date Submitted: 
Student Declaration:   I declare that this assessment is my own work.  Any ideas and comments made by other people have been acknowledged as references.  I understand that if this statement is found to be false, it will be regarded as misconduct and will be subject to disciplinary action as outlined in the UTAS IPC Student Rules.  I understand that by emailing or submitting this assessment electronically, I agree to this Declaration in lieu of a written signature.


  1. Write a report on the journal article provided by your teacher.
  2. Your report must be written between 1000 – 1200 words.
  3. In your report, you must outline and highlight your analysis on the following questions:
    1. What is the position of the author? What are the author’s arguments, both contributing and overall?
    1. What are the reasons / propositions presented in the article? How clearly and logically does the line of reasoning lead to the desired conclusion?
    1. What is the author’s conclusion? How well is the conclusion supported by the arguments presented in the article?
    1. How well has the author presented their arguments in terms of persuasive language? What are some signal words and phrases that were used to help the reader follow the direction of the argument?
  4. Pay attention to correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, style and structure.
  5. NO REFERENCES are required. However, if you are citing the idea of someone else to support your analysis, then you need to provide sufficient paraphrasing, in-text citation, and referencing via bibliography.

Formatting guidelines:

Your assessment document must be formatted in the following guidelines:

  • Typed using a word processing software (MSWord recommended)
  • Use plain text font (Times New Roman or Arial)
  • Font size 12
  • Black ink
  • Double-spaced

If your assignment layout is not acceptable you may be asked to re-submit your work. Assignments will be marked according to the set criteria. Regardless of effort, the assignment criteria will provide the basis for the marks given. It is your responsibility to ensure you are familiar with the criteria provided for each assessment task. Late submissions will incur penalties accordingly.

“The Role of Critical Thinking in My Life”