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WS3027 Social Welfare Practice with Children and Families


Assessment 3 Vision Statement

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Assignment 3: Vision Statement: Indigenous Child WelfareIn this task, you should imagine yourself as a worker in an agency that focusses on work with children in care. Your agency has decided that it must make better efforts to address the over- representation of Indigenous children in the child protection system. They ask you to develop a ‘vision statement’ for ‘best practice’ in Indigenous child welfare – they expect a positive visionary plan, evidence informed and embedded in principles of social justice and human rights. The agency expects you to provide information and analysis about practice that makes a difference. The vision statement will be presented to your management committee as a PowerPoint with a speech transcript (or recording).   This task is not an essay – your PowerPoint and transcript must demonstrate an understanding of your role in the agency and the task you have been asked to do. It is essential to support either your arguments and/or any of the points you make by referring to your readings and text as appropriate and providing a reference list, which includes all pieces of literature cited in your paper. There is an expectation that you will demonstrate independent research beyond the required resources of this subject.
Subject Outcome/sAt the completion of the assignment students would be expected to: demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the current issues in child and family practice;critically analyse practice issues pertinent to Indigenous child welfare;analyse and evaluate historical, social, legal and cultural contexts of social welfare practice with children and families;demonstrate and apply knowledge and skills relevant for ethical and reflective practice with children and families.
Related ContentUnits 1-10 of Study Guide, required readings and related tasks

Value:         40%

Length:       Transcript – 1800 words

Maximum of 15 PowerPoint slides

Due date:    Friday, 05/02/2021 at 11:59 pm – submitted through Assignment box on Learn JCU

NOTE: Students planning to graduate in 2021 ceremony MUST submit all work by this due date.

Assignment 3: Assessment Criteria

See the Learn JCU site for a comprehensive assessment criteria sheet

Creative and reflective content (20%)
The PowerPoint is creative and persuasive demonstrates an excellent ability to engage the audience described in the scenario. 10%    HD    D    C    P    N 
The transcript/speech is relevant to the scenario, and presents a clear and articulate vision for the organisation. 10%  HD  D  C  P  N 
Theoretical and critical analysis (45%)
The vision statement demonstrates an excellent critical understanding of the historical policy and practice issues that contribute to the over representation of Indigenous children in child protection. 15%      HD      D      C      P      N 
The vision statement demonstrates an excellent critical analysis of the major issues and contemporary best practice in Indigenous child welfare. 15%    HD    D    C    P    N 
The vision statement presents strategies to address the over-representation of Indigenous children and make use of best practice evidence that clearly demonstrates an engagement with social justice and human rights principles. 15%      HD      D      C      P      N 
Understanding and engagement with reading materials (15%)
The vision statement draws on at least 10 sources. 5%HDDCPN 
The vision statement demonstrates an excellent understanding and involvement with all the material from the subject. 5%      
The vision statement demonstrates an excellent ability to seek out credible literature and resources beyond the required readings for this subject. 5%    HD    D    C    P    N 
Presentation skills and referencing (20%)
The vision statement demonstrates appropriate understanding of the audience to which the statement is directed and uses an excellent standard of communication conventions in the PowerPoint and the transcript/ speech (e.g. spelling, grammar, syntax etc.). 10%        HD        D        C        P        N        .
All sources are appropriately cited in text and included in an APA (7th edition) formatted reference list without error 10%    HD    D    C    P    N 

Note that no individual result on an assessment task should be taken as an indication of the final grade for this subject.

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