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WIB602 Professional Practice Experience


Task: Individual written research project report. individual document to be submitted by each student.

Weightage: 45% of the total marks.

Word Limit: 3000 – 3500 words Due Date: 24 November (Sunday midnight – Darwin time)


  • Literature review on the topic – Research and find appropriate and relevant articles related to the topic. Summarise and analyse the articles and their findings and identify the gaps in the literature.
  • Provide details related to research question, hypothesis if any.
  • Methodology – details about the method, process followed, is it different from what was proposed, why? Provide support from previous research/ journal articles to support the proposed methodology.
  • Data collection – sample details, data collection method – qual and quant.
  • Analysis and results – discus the details about the analysis and what results were found.
  • Discussion – the most elaborate and referenced section – match the results with the research questions proposed in the beginning of the research project. Match the results with any previously conducted research and find similarities and differences between your results and their results.

For more details refer to the excel sheet – proposed structure of the assessment and the rubric.

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