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WEB230 Final Project


This project will allow you to practice the material from modules 4-7. Of course an understanding of the prior material will be required but will not specifically be tested. Please read through the instructions completely before starting so that you will understand what is being asked.

In this project you will build a converter to convert from one unit to another. In the example below, you can see some screenshots for a Light Year to kilometer converter. (Do not use Light Years in your converter.)

Examine the HTML file so that you understand the structure of the DOM. Write only JavaScript in the included file. Any modifications to the HTML or CSS must be done through JavaScript in the JavaScript file.

Choose a conversion that you will use for your project. You can look up the conversion factor/formula on the internet. Often this is simply multiplication.

  1. Change the heading to describe your converter. (5)
  2. Change the text in the label to describe your input. (5)
  3. Change the headings in the table to describe your output. (10)
  4. When the user submits the form do the folowing:
    1. Prevent the form from submitting to the server. (10)
    1. Verify that the entry is a valid number for your conversion. (10)
    1. Convert the number to the new units. (10)
    1. Display the entry in a new row added to the table. (10)
    1. Highlight the new row in yellow (there is a “new” CSS class for that). (10)
    1. Remove the highlighting from the previously highlighted row if there is one. (You can do this before you add the new row, if you like.) (10)
    1. Clear the input value from the form field. (10)
  5. When the user resets the form remove all the rows from the table. (10)

Marks for each item are shown in parethases at the end of each step for a total of 100. Partial marks will be given for partially completed steps.

Marks will be deducted for failure to do any of the following:

Do not use Light Years for your input or output units. (-10)

Since this course is delivered in English only, all aspects of this project must also be in English. (-10)

Use template literals (back-tic strings) where appropriate rather than concatenation. (-10)

Do not use            or                                     . (-10)

Use proper camelCase naming for variables and properties. (-10)

Important Academic Integrity Requirements

You may use any reference material you like. I.E. you may NOT ask questions of anyone other than your teacher. (Since this is a test of your ability you may not seek help from your classmates, tutor, etc.) DO NOT send a copy of this document to anyone. You may use any reference sites, videos, books, etc. You may use search engines. You may not post questions to forums where a person will answer but you can reference information already posted on such forums. Do not copy any code from any source. Do not submit code from tutorials. You may view tutorials (such as Youtube, LinkedIn Learning, etc.) in order to learn but do not use code from these in your project.

Do this project by yourself! Any collaboration or plagiarism will be reported as academic misconduct and a grade of zero will be assigned to this project. Repeat offences will recieve a stronger penalty.

Example Output

Page loaded before any JavaScript is written:

Competed project when first loaded:

One conversion done:

Several conversions done:

Clear button clicked:

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