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Usage of LMS in Australian universities !!

Australian universities have witnessed increased usage of LMS in recent time and this has lead to the convenience for students. Usage of blackboard, moodle, lms or canvas is being used in order to gather learning resources at one place and offer students virtual learning experience. Some of the most popular lms systems in Australian college and universities include uwa lms, lms uwa, lms unimelb or unimelb lms etc. Access to my unimelb or latrobe lms systems are provided to students in order to allow students to get lecture slide and other class material so that they can enhance their understanding for concepts. Moreover there are several online databases such as Ebesco for which access is given through these virtual learning platforms. Some of the exemplary LMS prevailing in educational sector in Australia are as under along with their features.

  1. UWA LMS or LMS UWA (University of western Australia)
  2. Unimelb lms or lms unimelb or unimelb login or my unimelb or myunimelb (University of Melbourne)
  3. Latrobe lms or la trobe lms or lms latrobe (Latrobe University)
  4. My vu portal (Victoria university)
  5. Mais login
  6. Canvas rmit or myrmit or rmit canvas or my rmit or rmit login
  7. uts online
  8. qut blackboard
  9. uq blackboard
  10. usc blackboard
  11. uon blackboard
  12. tafe login
  13. ecu blackboard
  14. scu blackboard
  15. uts login
  16. myscu
  17. uq bb

These virtual learning management systems are acting as virtual classrooms wherein students can directly interact with the teachers and other classmates and indulge in collaborative learning process. One such example is cite write which offer great advantage to students especially to distance learning students. Similarly, holmes blackboard offer salient features for students wherein students can develop collaborative learning process and build forums. Deakin sync developed by Deakin college is one of the most advanced learning management system and has helped students to get some of the most advanced features to ease their learning process.

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