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User-Centred Design Task 3.2C Competitive Analysis


Apply an evidence-based approach to software requirements elicitation and specification.

Reviewing what competitors are doing (or current versions of the software) can be a very useful place to start understanding the requirements. In this task you will analyse existing software to help identify possible requirements and get ideas for improvement

Review two user interfaces that do something similar to what we are working on in the project. Identify the main features of the user interface (e.g., functionalities it offers), any gaps in what it does, and what you think it does well and/or not so well.

A review of TWO different user interfaces that attempt to provide the users with the same or similar service as that described in the UCD User Interface Design Project. NOTE: The purpose of the software/websites reviewed MUST relate directly to the project. The analysis must include: ■ brief introduction to the project ■ description of software/website being reviewed and reasons for choosing it (include name and url reference) ■ screenshots and a discussion of the pros and cons of key features of the user interfaces being reviewed ■ a comparison of the different features offered by each user interface (e.g., a feature matrix) ■ summary of recommendations (e.g., features we should have or should not have, design recommendations, etc) ■ professional presentation, including title page, proper sentences and paragraphs

This task has quality points: 0 Points: The submitted work has provided required deliverables. Deliverables meet the minimum standards specified by the marking criteria. 1 Point: Conforms to expectations. Work competent, follows directions given in Task Guide. 2 Points: Work completed to a high standard. Good presentation. Shows some evidence of further independent reading (eg, reference to Courage and Baxter (2005)). 3 Points: Work exceeds expectations. Demonstrates excellent use of resources, mastery of techniques, insightful analysis, and excellent presentation. Professional level. Goes well beyond instructions provided in Task Guide.

Instructions Conduct a competitive analysis reviewing at least two other user interfaces that do something similar to what is described in the UCD User Interface Design Project. To do this task you will need to read Courage and Baxter (2005) Understanding Your Users Chapter 2 (in particular Table 2.1 see below). You will need to alter this grid to list features and issues relevant to our Project.

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