Use of technology in Australian education system

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January 31, 2018
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February 11, 2018

Use of technology in Australian education system

Technology usage in Australian

education system

Technology is an integral part of our society and a major contributor towards education. If you are a student from this decade, then it is obvious that you have encountered technology, either in the form of smartphone or laptop. The use of technology in the classroom helps you complete your tasks on time. Also, you can understand the tasks easily through live images and tutorials.

According to a research study, public schools in the United States provide at least one computer for every five students. They spend more than $3 billion per year on digital content. The Federal government is making all the efforts to give High-speed Internet and free online teaching resources to the rural and remote schools.

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Using technology in classroom. Why?

In this section, we will discuss eight reasons to allow technology in the classroom.

  1. Future orientation: Technology in classroom is an important factor in education. It has come to the forefront of education through various e-Learning modules. It is taking the education level and the learning system to a new level. Geoffrey Robertson, an Information Architect at Discovery Education, predicted key factors on the development of students’ 21st-century skills. According to him the emphasis in education in the next few years would be on the development of student’s computer skills. His research was published in Hannover Research in 2014.
  2. Excitement for digital learning: E-Learning or digital technology is becoming popular among the students. It fulfills the needs of modern-day learners. The digital content learning techniques in the classroom have enhanced students’ interaction within the classroom. E-Learning has a massive presence in almost every field. The use of technology in classroom is increasing day by day. Teachers today use different techniques like movie-clippings, advertisements, commentaries, dramatics and more to educate students. Language teaching is one such area where technology has taken over and improved the ways of learning.
  3. Skill improvement: The new technological development and the digital learning is improving the skills of the students. These skills are helping the students to prepare for their studies from the future perspective. It is making the students more aware and creative. E-learning methods and digital equipment are enhancing the skills through right course selection and better delivery.
  4. Increasing collaboration: The digital learning devices are playing a major role in the collaboration. Technology in classroom is helping the students to participate in the class activities. The average students are coming with new ideas and creativeness. It has become easier for the teachers to approach the students in a better way. The communication between the teacher and the students has increased.
  5. Example of technology usage in Australian education system: Some of the famous universities in Australia such as Holmes college, Queensland university of Technology, Charles Stuart Technology, Southern cross university and other are making use of extensive technology to impart education. They have blackboard in place wherein student can find all the information from that. For example Holmes institute has holmes blackboard, QUT has QUT blackboard, SCU blackboard etc. These blackboard contains vital information regarding assignments, lecture slides and other study resources.

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