Unit 3 Customer Service sample assignment

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March 22, 2018
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Unit 3 Customer Service sample assignment

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Unit 3 Customer Service


Introduction: 2

LO1: Understand customer service policies within business and services contexts. 2

1.1 discuss reasons for using customer service policies. 2

1.2 discuss the purpose of evaluating a customer service policy, indicating how this can assist future staff training and development 3

LO2: Understand the purpose of promoting a customer focused culture. 3

2.1 evaluate different communication methods and how these are used to best effect 4

2.2 analyse how customer perception is influenced by customer service provision. 4

LO3: Be able to investigate customer requirements and expectations. 5

3.1 assess sources of information on customer requirements and satisfaction levels. 6

3.2 carry out research on customer requirements and satisfaction levels for a selected business, suggesting potential improvements. 7

LO4: Be able to provide customer service within business and services contexts to meet required standards  9

4.1 deliver customer service in a business and service environment 10

4.2 review own performance in the delivery of customer service and make recommendations for improvement 10

Conclusion: 12

References: 12



The world is changing very fast ,so in order to cope with up with the changing environment the hotel serving the domestic as well as the international tourists bemoans various services like food, conference and metting and spa  are their crucial items to eb served. There are services like night clubs, theatre, shops and goods are also included there. So in order to provide a superior customer value the hotel should createcustomer service policy. Thiscustomer service policywill show a direct path to the standardsof services and service measurements. These will help the hotel, employees, customers and other stakeholders(Watada, Xu and Wu, 2014). To get a competitive advantage over the competitors of the same market hotel, a superior value creation, communication, delivering and effective feedback are necessary.


LO1: Understand customer service policies within business and services contexts

The hotel business is growing very fast. In order to keep peace with it a hotel company has to analyse different customers’ needs and changing demands. A customer service policy help a hotel how to deal with it effectively.

1.1 discuss reasons for using customer service policies

There are severalreasons for using a customer service policy in hotel business. Some of the reasons are discussed below by which a hotel can get information access.

Improving services: by means of customer service policyservices of a hotel can be improved. Moreover a customer service policy will be used as a standard of working for the employees which will help to generate profits and revenue (Crook, 2006). The customers always want to have a better services from its provider.

Corporate objective:every hotel or business has a vision upon which they work in a standard. So in case of developing a very good vision a hotel has to be concerned regarding theircustomer service policy. Theemployees and other types of service providers know well what to perform in the hotel business.

Guidelines:customer service policy works as a standardfor the parties related with the company. So it serves as standard (Swarbrooke and Horner, 2013). The guideless are necessary for the current employees as well as for future employees to serve the customers well.

Accountability: the accountability of a hotel employees must be based on customer service policy. Thecustomer service policy will help the company or hotel to conduct in a logical and superior way. Customer service policy make them as local as it should be.

Image: a customer service policy will increase the image of a hoteltowards its stakeholders. If the manager of that hotel be able to capture a good market size and potential, then all the potential clients will come to the hotel and contribute to revenues and futuregrowth of the market.

1.2 discuss the purpose of evaluating a customer service policy, indicating how this can assist future staff training and development

There are several reasons for evaluating a customer service policy. On the basis of thesespolicies service standardcan be set up. The world service industry business is growing day by day. So evaluation is must be needed to getting the outcomes. The hotel has several polices and activities based on the working. They haveseparateobjective on each of the action set by the corporate head or manager. So they have to set a goal for the customers and a service oriented culture must be set up in order to get them known with the services. After setting up the customer service policy the hotel needs to evaluate the activities sand functions of the employees to make them competent in the hotel different types of policies have to be used. In case of food, spa, lobby, reception, music they must have despite ides and knowledge. The employee’s actions and performances are crucial on order to have a synergy in the competitor’s hotel in the same market. The customer service policyevaluation must be conducted by the top level management so that it will be acuter enough with the corporate goals. The outcomes from the customer service policyevaluation will contribute in the total are of network. As a result the employees action and performance swill be efficient enough. The competitorsalso play roles in the strategy development and implementation(Agoes and Pasaribu, 2015). To attract more customers the customer service policyshould be strong enough in of to make everyone happy inside the hotel. Moreover the stakeholder such as clients, owner, suppliers, society and other related parties actions must be considered.

LO2: Understand the purpose of promoting a customer focused culture

There are numerous purposes in the promotion of customer services focused culture. The organisation has a very good chance to be focused on the needs and demands of clients. All the parties related with it should be considered.

2.1 evaluate different communication methods and how these are used to best effect

There are several communication methods found in the hotel business. These will help them a lot. So these types of communications methodsare described below:

Telephone: by using a telephone a hotel manager can easily communicate with all types of people within a second. So now a days it has become so popular in all types of business. The telephone communication has made the process easier.

Newspaper: it is another mode of communication with the all related parties. Givingmassages to the clients for taking services from the hotel. Giving ads to newspaper for hunting the suppliers and buyers or tender.

Email:threat means electronic mail messaging among the buyers, supplier’splays and other related parries. Generally official purposed mails are used which is formal and deliberate to say a specific thing.

Magazines: different types of magazines that contain services related knowledge wail help the hotel manager to communicate with customers in a valuable way. So giving that particular ads for features on the magazines will boost up the image as well as sales for thru the hotel.

WOM: word of mouth is a way of communication with the customers y means of providing superior value to the customers. It men’s that the hotel manager has a very good chance to provide value in a good way. So after receiving the servicesthat will be pretty good and telling others regarding the services as good.

2.2 analyse how customer perception is influenced by customer service provision

By means of customer service policy the customer perception may be influenced in a standard way. Here a brief discussion is given on the influence by customer service policy.

Figure:customer’s perception of value

Source:(Agoes and Pasaribu, 2015)

Different food have different attributes. Theta is why the product attribute matters for a hotel business. In cases of hotel type business the price and perceived quality matters for the cutters as well asmanagers who formulate polies. The product quality and perceived quality must be similar or somewhat differs. Base on the nature of the product the perceived quality may vary on the basis of perceived value the price ensures the quality and brand name of the hotel. They purchase intent is also crucial in customer service policy. Byanalysing a good standard the purchase intention and services escapes can set up (Swarbrooke and Horner, 2013). So the management of the hotel should be pretty enough poster in formulation a customer service policy. The overall services quality dimension will lead the company in getting the services right in right order of customer’sexpectations (Hanson, 2011). The competitors should also be consideredin formulation the standard of a hotel chain business, several value adding things must be set up to attract the actuary as well, as potential clients. So the customers will feel good in case of a positive customer service policy.


LO3: Be able to investigate customer requirements and expectations

The customers’ requirements and expectation must be analyse in a competitive advent gaining way , that is why they will be able to find out the appropriate the requirements of various groups of clients.

3.1 assess sources of information on customer requirements and satisfaction levels

The customer’s requirement and satiation levels must eb assessed based on the following ways.

Figure: sources of customer’s information

Source:(Crook, 2006)


Customer’s behaviour: by aeons of customer’sbehaviour, oat will be very easy identify the requirements and satisfaction levels. The loyal or satisfied customersserved the company in good return that will be locative for the hotel.

Experiences: all the experiences matters. So in terms of expertise of the company, employs, and managers it will be an easy task to reload the customer’ssatisfaction and requires (Buttle, 2007). It identifies the customer service policy and do accordingly.

Activities: the activities of all the related parties like hotel, employs, clients and corpse managers will perform a bog deal that will also be necessary in all the time. For valleyrequirements and customers satisfaction.

Culture: based on the cutlet the customer’srequirements and satiation may vary from place to place. The cutlet of UK and the cutlet of Japan will not be same so mustbe changed by place to place or clients to clits.

Values: every individual customers have single identity of values. Moreover the values may be shared or not, it must be kept in touch of the hotel employs and managers to give them superior values in the hotelindustry.

Environment: the slurping environment will tell the hotel what they need to conduct in a specific moment of servicing. The environment is uncontrollably, so the managers have to be cautious on it and need to adapt accordingly.

Emotions: the emotions are also valuable for the hotel managers to evaluate the services and customers requirements in sued the hotel (Cheng, 2011). The satisfaction levels also vary from pardonto person as they have different emotion on each of the sides.

3.2 carry out research on customer requirements and satisfaction levels for a selected business, suggesting potential improvements

For a hotel type business are required on the basis of customer requirements and satisfaction level are conducted below:

Figure: customer research on service

Source: (Mansour, 2016)

Assessing Needs of Customers: first of all the business hotel need to identify the actual and potentainl needs of the customers. In need assessing lavel aproper market segmentation can be possible to attract.

Mapping the customers segments: the customers segments must be based on the demographic,economic, loyalty based and user status based that will help to capture OTrightly. The mapping are also useful for the data analysis of the market. Moreover the segnts must be profitable for the hotel(Crook, 2006). Without having enough profits or benefits it will not be precious to coronet with the customers segments

Identifying the desired expectation: the desire expectationof the customers’identification is a crucial work for the hotel managers to have the data analyses and interpret it accurately is an important case in the hotels revives business. On the other hand theses type of desire expectation also are valued by the hotel managers.

Designing Services Experience: the services experience are far more important for the hotel managers to evaluate and making the right decision based on the service will be helpful for the reset team.

Structure and measuring the performance: it will create a competitive benefit in the market to allure the potential as well as current customers in a good way of communication towards he business arena of the hotel (Mansour, 2016).

Now there are some suggestions for the improvement in tie hotel business. Hat are closely related with the chain of services.

Figure: customers’ understanding

Source: (Hanson, 2011)

Developing a new product will give The___14 Company to capture a new market size and customers wallet. That will also be crucialfort service industry like hotel is. The advertising also play a crucial roles in communication the services with others and appropriate responsewill say the total effectives of the advertisements. Incise of market share expansion the overall the services improvement are required in the hotel. The cusp Mrs purchase must beincurredin hotel so that the services ad improvers will come in a sopped way (Buttle, 2007). The customers loyal a very important factor for services industrysilosnecks. So increasing the loyalty level will rise their purchase whatever the customer’spoint of veer is

LO4: Be able to provide customer service within business and services contexts to meet required standards

The customer’srequirements must be fulfilled based on the appropriate business and service context.in order to make them loyal in the business the servicesperfective should be considered.

4.1 deliver customer service in a business and service environment

Delivering a good customer service will needed to be demonstrated on the basis of the following ways:

Doing the right at First time: the customers services must be fulfilled in a superior way and it meets be performed at the first time. Thus the customers will feel good and convenient.in case of service failure the customer’s loyalty on that particular service organisation may lose (Cheng, 2011). All the employs have to perform their job effectively.

Making the service fast: the customers want to the get third servicesvery fast whatever they are. O the other hand it will create a competitiveadvantage for the firm to provide superior value. The fast tracking g services may be alluring the customers for repurchase.

Immediate problem Fixing: if any problemsoccur during or after services then the serviceemploys or managers have to take stipe to services recovery strategies. The customers will feel valued among the other customers.

Customers suggestion Box: this will help the hotel manager to idem the problems easily and handling the problems effectively. The customers comment card will also be helpful for the employs as well as managers. Based on appropriate reset services and effective, management of the customers will create a competitive advantage over the competitors.

Incorporating Technology: the teaching usage in the services organisation like restraint will be added divagate for the employees as well as the customers. It will attract the educated corporate customer alarmingly. In the case of techy and scientific methods


4.2 review own performance in the delivery of customer service and make recommendations for improvement

The hotel managers have amasses the servicesthey are given to the customers as well as they have to cautious enough regarding the improvement and necessary arrangements. Here a certain criteria are disbudded by which service delivery and improvement are analysed.

Figure: service delivery and improvements

Source: (Cheng, 2011)

Sting Direction: a direction have to be sent to employees and other types of intermediary’s fiving appropriate service standard. On the other hand the mangers and employees will have a direct path to apply their activities and performances to measure of evolution.

IndicatingQualities: the quality standard should be indicated in a flexibleand simple way just by which a service culture can be created in the entire chain. If the hotel is able to provide superior service then they will be competent enough among the competitors.

Working Collaborate: by working with other means the employees as well as the managers will get to be acquainted in the environment at whichtheyache a synergy(Agoes and Pasaribu, 2015). The employsperformance and etiquette are animportant dimension the services organisation.

Improving Services: the services quality must be improved in the servicesculture. So appropriate services improvement are given prioritize within the organisation. The following dimension need to be taken to improve the services in the hotel:

Ensuring Potential safetyinside the organisation is must create to improve the services for the customers. The hotel need to identify the crucial variable within the organisation. Then critical evaluation of the services and the employees are must be taken by teenagers of thehotel which will make them capable in the hotel busness organisation. The services innovation and technological advancement are a necessary condition in the services type hotel such as using ATM, Electronics advancement, interior design and exterior design will be helpful for the hotel business. The innovation in the service firms are looked a very competitive advantage for the superior values creation(Watada, Xu and Wu, 2014). The world is growing to becomesuttertechnologyalways hold the services faster and effective for the new era.


Conclusion: from the above discussion there some sort of advantages of a customer service policy are analysed different types of innovative, servicesstanders ad technologicalchangesare described. So if thehotel managers can adopt these kind of services for its hotel, then they will be able to allure the customers promptly and the customers will feel loyal to Tepetbusiness. The contours services improvement and analyse are required in the verystage of the service slue creation. On the other hand the competitors annoys are must be considered in the strategies that will show directguidelineregarding what type of strategiesare reallynecessary (Rutherford, 2008). The more the services innovation and technical advancement create the more opportunities they will be able to hold in the market. The market or customers size will be increased that will also increase the profits as well as reputation for the hotel to other customers.


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