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ULMS895 Assignment 2022-23


Individual assignment, 3000 words (maximum), 100%

Deadline: Monday 9 January 12 noon (see submission details on pages 2-3 below) Assignment

Write a report that utilises academic and organisation sources to design and/or critically evaluate an organisation’s strategic approach to workforce planning, recruitment and talent management.


  1. Choose an organisation. Make sure that you are able to find out information about their strategic approach to workforce planning, recruitment and talent management. If you are not, then you will be able to design this for them instead, but you would need to find out about the organisation itself. You can choose ANY organisation (private, public or third sector company), ANY size and from ANY nation. Do not choose one of the well-known multinational companies (such as Google, Apple, Huawei or Saudi Aramco). Instead, use the breadth of your choice to select an interesting company.
  2. Decide if you are going to design and / or critically evaluate the organisation’s strategic approach to workforce planning, recruitment and talent management.
  • Then analyse some academic materials around the areas, using quality journal articles (such as Association of Business Schools – ABS List 3 and 4 star) and books. Next, review materials about the organisation (such as via their website, annual accounts, articles in HR publications, recruitment etc.)
  • Then write your report. Indicative wordcount is below.

Report layout and indicative wordcount

Front page – title, a picture (perhaps of the organisation you’ve chosen?), your student number and date (not included in wordcount)

Contents page (not included in wordcount)

Introduction –what will your report cover? Introduce your topics, approach and organisation. (300 words)

Academic literature – analysing academic literature that is relevant to your report, in the fields of workforce planning, recruitment and talent management. All three areas must be covered. (1000 words)

Organisational assessment – critique the current situation in the organisation from your research about it (500 words)

Design and / or critically evaluate the organisation’s strategic approach to workforce planning, recruitment and talent management (i.e. ALL 3) (900 words)

Conclusion – Draw together your report, ensuring that you have met the key report objectives as laid out in the introduction (300 words)

Bibliography of all academic and non-academic source materials (not included in wordcount)

Appendices if relevant to your work (not included in wordcount)

How to submit your work: ONLINE

Submission Date: See CANVAS

This coursework requires online submission only. You will not submit a hard copy of the coursework. You should submit your coursework via Turnitin, which is a plagiarism and collusion detection system. If you do not submit to Turnitin your work will not be marked. To submit via Turnitin, you go to the assessment area for the module on Canvas and you will find a link for the coursework. Click on View/Complete and then on the “submit” icon for

the paper. You are then prompted to submit a title for the paper. Use the “browse” button to locate the file you want to submit, then click “submit”. You will then be asked to confirm that you want to submit by clicking the “Yes, submit” button. Note that Turnitin does not permit multiple submission attempts – your submission is accepted as ‘first and final’.

Maximum length of coursework elements: 3000 words

Students are asked to note that the word count is the absolute upper limit. There is no leeway over this, i.e. you will be penalised if you submit work that exceeds the word limit (the suggestion that you may exceed the word count by 10% is a myth!).

Something to note is that the word count on Turnitin is not usually an accurate reflection of an assignment’s word count, and is likely to be higher than the Microsoft Word word count. This should be considered when determining if penalties for exceeding the word count should be imposed. It is recommended that you ask students to submit assignments as Word documents as this will then allow you to download their original submission (i.e. the Word file) and accurately check the word count in Word. This should be done after you have marked the assignment anonymously as you must deanonymize the assignment in order to download it. As the norm for ULMS regarding assignments is “first and final”, students will have no way of resubmitting should they breach the word count as calculated by Turnitin.

The following are not included in word counts:

  • Reference lists/bibliographies and question titles
  • Appendices/footnotes – provided these have been used only when necessary. If appendices or footnotes are used excessively, or contain material which should clearly be included in the main body of the essay/report, it is at the markers’ discretion to include these in the word count.
  • Tables/graphs – provided these have been imported from elsewhere (correctly referenced) and not produced by the student.
  • Contents pages and front pages of reports
  • As well as the essay/report itself, the following are included in word counts:
  • Citations/quotations – this includes the material paraphrased/quoted itself as well as the name, date and page information.
  • Tables and graphs – if they have been produced by the student.
  • Executive summaries in reports unless otherwise stated.

Weighting of the assessment components: Individual assignment 100% Important information:

  • Re-sits
  • Penalties – presentation, use of Wikipedia, late submission
  • Referencing work
  • Marking criteria
  • ULMS group work policy
  • Exemption from Late Penalties (ELP)

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