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TSM08113 Customer Service and care assignment


TSM08113 Assignment Information

Assessment for this module comprises an Individual Report, to be submitted in two parts. Both parts must be submitted electronically onto Turnitin. An interim report plan submission, representing 25% of the overall weighting, is due in by 5pm on Tuesday 11th October (week 6). The final submission, representing the remaining 75% of the weighting, is due in by 5pm on Tuesday 29th November (week 13). The interim report plan submission is required in
Week 6 in order to ensure that students proceed to the main submission with appropriate academic guidance and support. The coursework assignment is designed to assist students to apply their knowledge in an industry situation and investigate how one service operation actually deals with the issues that will be examined in the module. The overall aim of the assignment is to help students achieve the learning outcomes for the module whilst, at the same time, giving them an opportunity to develop skills in written communication, in investigating both academic and industrial information sources for hospitality and service operations, and in self-management (e.g. working under pressure, managing time, setting work targets etc.).



You are required to produce an individual written report that represents a critical review of approaches towards customer service and care, and the achievement of customer value and satisfaction, within a hospitality or service operation of your choice. Get Help in Assignments from the top assignment help agency in UK !!

Interim and final requirements Report Plan Submission

The report plan is as the title suggests, a plan of how you will approach the final report. It is to be submitted in Week 6 and should comprise no more than 600 words. It need not be in report format and should reflect the following:
• The proposed title of your final report
• The chosen service operation, and your rationale for selecting it
• Your proposed methodology for the study, in outline terms only
• The proposed structure of your final report, indicating intended headings and sub-headings, and a short summary of intended discussion under each heading
• Six key indicative references which you intend to use as the basis for researching and developing your final report.

Final Report Submission
Your final report is to be submitted in Week 13 and should:
• Be structured in report format
• Have a main text comprising no more than 1,750 words
• Include a List of References which should be correctly referenced as well as references within the text (using the APA 7th method)
• Be appended with sensible amounts of any supporting information as appropriate