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TLC101 Essay 2 Instructions


Assignment 2: Research Essay and Written Response to Feedback

Assessment value: 40%

Due date: 11:00pm Friday 7 June – Week 15

This final assessment is made up of two parts, with a total word count of 1500 words.

Part 1 – Research Essay

Value: 30%

Length: 1200 words

Develop and present an argument about a global issue or challenge that is impacting our world.

Submit a complete research essay that demonstrates

  • clear development of Assignment 1
  • improvement based on tutor feedback

Your research essay should clearly present your position, as well as support your argument through reasoning and references (evidence) to the literature. You may also critically discuss other perspectives you have read in the literature.

The research essay should refer to at least 4 appropriate references, including at least 2 academic journal articles. Other credible sources may include appropriate book chapters, government reports, news publications and magazines, online videos or trusted websites.

Part 2 –Response to Feedback

Value: 10%

Length: 300 words

Compose a written response to the feedback you received for Assignment 1.

This response should explain in a clear, and concise manner how key areas for improvement (e.g., thesis, vocabulary, sentence structure) have been addressed in Assignment 2. The format for Part 2 is flexible. For example, your response to feedback may be presented as a table, a numbered list, a report with sub-headings or formal paragraphs.

Make sure to include the following:

  • Your strengths and weaknesses in relation to essay writing
  • How you have made improvements based on the feedback received
  • Your strategies and tools for future improvement

Your assignment will be assessed according to the assessment rubric provided.

Assignment submission

Both of the written assignments must be submitted electronically as one document through the Assignment Submission Point in the LMS.

Include: page #s and a title page which includes title of your essay, your name, student # and title of unit.

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