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Introduction to TEEL Paragraph Structure


It is unfortunate that a lot of students have difficulty drafting their essays even after years of academic practice. Everyone may not be a great writer, but the way one prepares the essay writing structure and draft the content has an impact on their grades. So, you have no other option but to start improving your writing skills. This is where the TEEL paragraph structure can be useful.

For those who do not have any idea about TEEL structure, it is a particular approach of structuring an essay to develop quality content. As you can guess, TEEL is an acronym that stands for topic sentence, explanation, evidence, and link. This approach gives you a structure to the paragraph, which further forms the essay, maintaining a seamless flow of information.

teel paragraph structure

What is TEEL Paragraph Structure?

Usually, an essay writing structure consists of 3-5 body paragraphs. While there are several types of writing structure, the TEEL writing structure for individual paragraphs works for every essay type. Let’s dive deeper into understanding each element of the TEEL structure and how to use it in a paragraph.

TEEL is an effective way of organising a body paragraph in essays. It allows you to build an argument in the most comprehensive manner. It is important to understand that the TEEL structure is not a set of guidelines. It is more of a technique that you should use along with the existing guidelines to produce quality paragraphs.

  • Topic Sentence:

While starting a body paragraph in an essay, you need to tell the readers what the paragraph is all about. This is the reason why it is essential to start the paragraph with a topic sentence that provides the readers with a significant idea of the topic. Your aim should be to present the topic sentence in an intriguing manner so that you get the complete attention of the readers.

Your topic sentence should be followed by an argument. So, you need to make sure that once the readers are done reading the topic sentence and moves to the next sentence, they have certain questions in mind. In other words, the first sentence of the paragraph should build up for the rest of the paragraph.

  • Explanation:

The next sentences in the paragraph give the readers a detailed overview of the topic sentence, mentioned at the beginning of the same paragraph. With these sentences, you need to provide the readers with a complete understanding of the topic. It is the section of the paragraph where you need to present your claims and arguments.

It is not possible to explain everything when you have a limited number of sentences to spare. So, while explaining the meaning of the topic and introducing the readers to your claims, your sentences need to be short and precise. Writing too much may confuse your reader and reduce the impact of the paragraph.

  • Evidence:

An argument is pointless unless it has enough evidence to support its claim. In this part of the writing structure in TEEL, you need to provide sufficient and compelling evidence which establishes the arguments and statements you have shared in the previous sentences.

Needless to say, the evidence you use in this part needs to be authentic. It can be in the form of factual data, a quote, or a reference from an authentic source. The evidence determines whether the paragraph makes any impact on the readers or not. A proper and authentic piece of evidence helps the readers retain the information and makes sure the paragraph has an impact on them.

  • Link:

This is the last and perhaps the most important part of the TEEL structure. It not only brings the whole paragraph together but also links it back to the overall topic that the essay is about. This section summarises the rest of the paragraph that comes before it in a short yet subtle manner. This segment gets its name from its function – which is to link the paragraph to the key terms of the essay topic.

A linking sentence should also offer a small conclusion of the evidence section of the paragraph. If you look at the TEEL structure, you may notice that it also resembles that actual essay writing structure. Similar to the actual essay conclusion, the link sentence draws a conclusion to the paragraphs and ensures that the paragraph is able to create a significant impact on the readers.

Once you are done writing the paragraph, do proofread the content and pay attention to all the issues, such as formatting, relevance, punctuation, language, spelling errors, etc.

Why Should You Use the TEEL Structure in Writing?

There are several major reasons why a lot of professional assignment help providers prefer to use TEEL structure while writing. In fact, it is believed that such an approach in writing can turn a mediocre essay into an impressive one. If you are sceptical about using the TEEL structure while writing, you should take a look at the advantages this approach has to offer.

  • Offers credibility:

Using this approach in the proper manner helps the readers to perceive the content in a better manner, and it makes the paragraph way more impactful.

  • Enhances creativity:

Regular use of the TEEL structure not only improves the quality of the content but also boosts your creative skill, helping you become a better writer.

  • Helps maintain focus:

The TEEL structure also allows you to stay focused on a particular topic and keeps you from losing track. Thanks to that, the sentences are written to the points and more impactful.

  • Validates the claims:

This structure of paragraph writing lets you make proper use of evidence to support the statements and arguments in the paragraph. It is easier with this approach to validate your claims.

  • Improves overall essay writing skills:

As you use this writing structure, you learn what to write, when to write and how to write in an essay paper. Needless to say, this approach makes you a better essay writer.

As mentioned in the beginning, this TEEL structure of paragraph writing can be used for all kinds of writing. Be it for a persuasive writing structure, narrative writing or perhaps the results section in a dissertation paper – the TEEL structure can help you produce quality content for them all.

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