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Assignment 2 Agency visit report

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Description/Focus: Agency Visit Report 
Value: 30%
Due date: Midnight Sunday 8th September
Length:     1500 words
Presentation:      Report style. Clear headings 
Assessment criteria: Report structure and writing style (including referencing)  30%
Evidence of preparation, development of questions and recording  30%
Critical analysis 40%
Task: Select an agency that delivers services to remote or regional communities and prepare a report on the visit that identifies:Organisation type (think back to SWK243)Service delivery models utilised by agency in remote service deliveryStrengths and limitations identified by the organisation’s representativeSustainability of service modelChallenges to staffing and retention of workers within the agencyEthical dilemmas encountered by human services workers in remote service delivery. 

Referencing for personal communication (from interviews or class lectures)

An interview conversation is treated in APA referencing as a personal communication, as such there is no reference list entry, just a citation.  Page 7 of the guide outlines a general way to have the in text citation.