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Superannuation Blockchain Platform Tribe Product Proposal


Distributed ledger technology has achieved wide-spread recognition because of its use in the implementation of crypto-currencies.  Features of blockchain technology are a peer-to-peer-based decentralized trust network, a tamper-proof immutable sequential record of events, and the ability to execute domain-specific languages within the distributive network architecture itself, so called smart contracts.  These are important features of Blockchain technology to the superannuation industry because contracts can be coded to trigger automatically from the ledger in human time, because the superannuation asset can be transferred to another trustee and because regulation governing superannuation changes and evolves, therefore specific rule-sets can be temporally applied to the ledger. Being able to reason about pension assets, securely track and transfer those assets, and to explicitly represent time to express regulatory rule-sets in an immutable and tamper-proof way promises correctness, transparency and compliance. 

Long-term milestones:
The project aims to deliver a working prototype and has significant commercial potential to the superannuation industry in Australia and Internationally. To our knowledge, no one has implemented a domain specific language for pension and superannuation using distributed ledger technology but one can anticipate such an effort since it seems a natural platform for pension asset management. 

Short-term Enhancements:
[Please identify up to 4 enhancements that can be assigned to a Tribe over a 12-week period with a reasonable expectation for completion by students. Please number your enhancements based on priority or preference. Define each enhancement with detailed requirements.]

1. Implementation of voluntary superannuation contribution use-case as smart contracts coded in Hyper-ledger
2. Implementation of 2.  based on Ethereum with Smart contracts coded in Solidity. 
3. Implementation of 2. based on Ethereum with Smart contracts coded in Polkadot. 
4. Embedded Domain Specific programming language using Haskell
5. Using the distributed ledger as a financial simulator based on an implementation that uses securities as tokens. 
6. Visualisation of Blockchains of Assets based on 5. 

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