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Strategy Project Assignment



Strategy project assignment: Entry

Strategy and Structure Resources: Hunger and Wheelen, Chapters 5, 7, 8, 9

Foreign Market Entry Modes<>>

Assignment Overview: The objective is to recommend an entry strategy, including legal and organizational structure, for your client company to enter the selected country. This is where you will use your full SWOT analysis to determine what kinds of entry strategies will best overcome specific risks and are best able to realize opportunities.

Be sure to incorporate all feedback from previous assignments into this paper, ensuring that the content and wording of your INTRODUCTORY FRAMEWORK is becoming standardized in its individual components as identified in your SWOT assignment,

Assignment: Entry Strategy Paper. The team will state the entry strategy goal (from week 1) and identify 2 potential market entry strategies, specifying for each:

* The legal structure of the business (the” entry vehicle” e.g., joint venture, distributorship, contract, franchise, license, direct export, sales agent or location in country )

* The organizational structure of the business (who does what/contributes what/where it is done)

* Specify by name any proposed alliance partner, with rationale for the choice

* The benefits to both parties of any alliance (why this is a “fit” for both parties).

The team will then compare the advantages and disadvantages of each entry strategy, relative to the SWOT matrix prepared in Week

For example, how well does each of the strategies realize the opportunities, mitigate the external threats, leverage the company strengths and mitigate its weaknesses? Based on this analysis, the team will recommend one as the better entry strategy. This report should start with the INTRODUCTORY FRAMEWORK already developed that contains company description and expansion goals, country selection rationale, product/service description, target buyer, and market size and growth opportunity for the segment you are targeting.

Following that standard introduction, the body of this analysis shoiuld be approximately 10-15 pages double spaced. (7% of course grade) One Member is to post the written report in the Group assignment folder and title it “Entry Strategy and Structure,” by the end of week

Remember to leave enough time for the Turning report and correction of any citation errors before submitting the final paper. Where you are: You have now recommended the structure for getting into the country and for organizing operations in country. Your SWOT analysis in week 7 recommended multiple operational tactics (actions to mitigate risk) for successful operation in country, to be carried out by the organization you have created this week. And in week 6 you identified a strategy for competing in country.

Next: you will develop a marketing plan to support your competitive strategy once in country.