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Starbucks: Brewing more than just Coffee


Assignment 1: Case Study – Starbucks: Brewing more than just Coffee

Due: Friday Week 4 – Monday July 29 by 5pm

Length: Approx 1,000 words +/– 20%

Weighting: 20%

Assignment 1 is a case study. You are to read the attached Case Study – Starbucks: Brewing more than just Coffee and answer the questions relating to the case.

Those questions and allocated marks are as follows:

  1. Is Starbucks a product or a service? Justify your answer. 10 marks.
  • Discuss how companies can apply the principles of services marketing (such as levels of product and service value) to achieve greater success today, giving relevant examples from the Starbucks case. Use the lecture material as well as the reading notes given with this case to prepare your answer. 10 marks.
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Marking criteria:

The marks will be weighted in accordance with the above elements. General marking criteria are:

  • Extent and quality of research
  • Application of relevant theory (Include at least 3 academic references)
  • Depth and originality of analysis
  • Structure: Please just answer the questions (structured with headings/subheadings) and provide a list of references. Be sure to acknowledge all sources in-text (Harvard-style referencing, please). Marks will be deducted for poor referencing.

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