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SOCIOLOGY 110-X161 Essay paper project Columbia College



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  1. Topic:  Inequality, class, and stratification in Society
  • Instructions:
  1. Think about different ways in which social class, stratification, and inequality, play a role in society. Is social class important? Why? How does social stratification affect a person’s life chances and opportunities? Why are  social stratification and social inequality sources of conflict? Can you think about examples where you see that class, stratification and inequality produce conflict? How do stratification and inequality impact on your life?
  2. Use your critical thinking, and be analytic, looking at the topic from several angles. For example, you can compare the views of inequality in two different countries, or in two different periods in history.
  1. Use at least one sociological perspective that we have studied, to frame your analysis (structural functionalism, critical theory, symbolic interactionism), 
  2. Use three quotes from our textbook to support your analysis, using proper in-text citation and listing your source at the end in a bibliography. Use MLA Style Guides.
  3. Use specific examples to ground your arguments, from your personal experiences and everyday life, from history, from media, from class material.
  4. Give your opinion (sustain it) and a conclusion.
  • The purpose of this assignment is:
  • to show your understanding of the concepts we have studied in class
  • to use one or more of the theoretical perspectives we have studied: structural functionalism, critical theory, symbolic interactionism
  • to use your sociological imagination and critical thinking. How are social class and inequality part of your society? How are your own personal experiences on class, stratification, and inequality part of a bigger historical and social context? Has being in Canada changed your views on inequality?
  • to present your paper in proper form: your writing should be clear, and you should use 3 in-text citations, and list your references correctly. Also, please double check the correct use of grammar and spelling.
  • Format:
  • Your essay will include: an introduction, argument or statement, 3-4 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  • Length is 700 words (minimum), double spaced, pages numbered.
  • Draw on the concepts we have studied in our textbook: William Little (2016) Introduction to Sociology. 2nd Canadian Edition,
  • Use references correctly, for example: (Little, p.45). Check MLA Style Guides at the Columbia College Library website.
  • Include on a cover page: Name and student number, course number/section, date, and title (give your essay a title)
  • Type your essay using a word processor (no pdf files, no pictures), and check grammar and spelling before submitting
  • Files should be uploaded in Moodle.
  • Name your file like this, including your name and student number: Soc110PaperSTUDENTNAMEnumberSTUDENTNUMBER
  • Value: : 15% of the final grade (15 Points)
  • Prerequisite: BEFORE submitting your paper, you must have completed the Columbia College Library Plagiarism Tutorial which was assigned on Week 4. Papers of students who have not completed the Tutorial will not be accepted. If you haven’t completed this tutorial, contact your instructor asap. Get Cookery Assignment help.
  • Due:     By Saturday, November  6TH AT MIDNIGHT.


This is a PERSONAL project. Columbia College: Cheating and plagiarism (presenting another person’s words or ideas as one’s own) are not acceptable behaviour.  Depending on the severity of the offense such acts can result in a grade of zero on the test or assignment, a failing grade (F) in the course or expulsion from the college.  In all cases, the circumstances and the penalty are recorded in the student’s file.

Important Note: all essays uploaded on Moodle will be submitted to Turnitin, a originality checking and plagiarism prevention service that checks your writing for citation mistakes, inappropriate copying, the use of paraphrasing software, and academic integrity.

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