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SM4023 | Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship | Management


SM4023 Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Management

This assessment will contribute directly to the following Postgraduate programme goals and objectives.SM4023 Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Management.

Goal 1: To develop the skills necessary for employment and career progression

1.1 Demonstrate awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses and the ability to engage in continuing self-development

1.2 Demonstrate the development of inter-personal and intra-personal skills

1.3 Demonstrate competency in contemporary analytical and ICT applications

Goal 2: Be culturally and ethically aware

2.1 Demonstrate their ability to work in culturally diverse groups and teams and make appropriate a personal contribution to team effectiveness

2.2 Reflect on their own ethical values

2.3 Understand the wider impact of individual or organisational decision making on social and environmental contexts

Goal 3: Have developed leadership and management capability

3.1 Analyse and communicate complex issues effectively

3.2 Demonstrate decision making, problem-solving and project management skills

Goal 4: Have developed and applied knowledge of international business and management theory

4.1 Acquire, interpret and apply knowledge of international business, management, and organisational functions

4.2 Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of innovative and contemporary research on the business and management community

4.3 Acquire, interpret and apply specialist functional knowledge in relation to their program of study (specialist programs only)

Goal 5: Have developed a range of research skills and project capabilities

5.1 Plan and complete a major piece of research or project on contemporary business, financial, the management or leadership topic

5.2Demonstrate skills of analysis and synthesis in the application of research methods to the exploration of contemporary business and management issues

The Northumbria Graduate Attributes and Masters’ Programme goals and Objectives have a clear mapping as illustrated below

A Northumbria Graduate will:

1. Be able to think independently, understand and justify their opinions, will recognize the need to challenge their own thinking and the thinking of others.

2. Be able to apply their discipline and inquiry knowledge to complex problems in their discipline and its professional and industrial practice in order to identify appropriate solutions which sustainable and justifiable.

3. Value curiosity and collaboration as keystones in the creation of new knowledge and practice

4. Be able to communicate effectively in diverse audiences utilizing a range of formats and media.

5. Have the attitudes and skills to work constructively and sensitively in multi-cultural environments and have an awareness of ethical considerations.

6. Equipped with contemporary knowledge of theory, research and professional practice related to their programme of study.

SM4023 Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Management

7. Able to utilize their knowledge through critical analysis to create new knowledge and/or innovative approaches to practice proportionate to their level of study.

8. Equipped for employment, enterprise or further study through transferable lifelong learning, employability and research skills.

9. Culturally and ethically aware and equipped to contribute positively to a diverse and global community.