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SITXCOM002 Show Social and Cultural Sensitivity


Assessment 2 – Assignment Activity

Instructions for students:

SITXCOM002 Show Social and Cultural Sensitivity assignment will form part of the assessment for this subject and must be completed in an original and professional manner.
This assignment MUST be your own work using your OWN words and may be completed in the spaces provided or with a printed computer-based document.
Remember, cheating and plagiarism are considered a breach of academic misconduct, and will be dealt with seriously.
Please provide your answer for this assessment on the space provided below. Please include a heading stating the following:
· Unit code:SITXCOM002
· Unit name: Show social and cultural sensitivity
· Student name:
· Student I.D.:
· Date of submission/due date:
· Trainer’s name:
Performance Evidence
Evidence of the ability to complete tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit in the context of the job role, and :
Communicate in a non-discriminatory way with colleagues and customers from at least three different social and cultural groups:
· Demonstrating attempts to overcome language barriers
· Communicating in line with appropriate social and cultural conventions
· Demonstrating respect and sensitivity
· Identify when assistance is required in the above communication, and seek help using the appropriate channels.

Assignment Activity

In your own words please answer the following questions-

Briefly explain three religiously diverse cultural behaviours that maybe followed by inbound tourists.

Why is it important to be sensitive to the needs and attitudes 0f different cultural groups?

In what ways can you communicate with colleagues or customers where language barriers may exist?

What is meant by the term “Stereotyping”?

What is meant by the term “Equal Employment Opportunity”?

What is “Racial Discrimination”?

What is “Sexual Discrimination”?

What are some things you consider to be part of “Australian” culture ?

Question 9.
If a problem occurs that you find too difficult to handle or is just outside your authority, what should you do?

Student Declaration:

I declare that this is my own work, and it has not been copied from any person or source. I am also aware of my appeal rights.
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