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SITHKOP001 Assignment 1 Hospitality


1. State two reasons for a restaurant must follow kitchen cleaning regimes?
2. What is cross-contamination? Name three sources of cross-contamination.
3. List four ways cross contamination can be prevented.
4. What is the difference between cleaning and sanitising? Why are both necessary while cleaning kitchen equipment, service-ware and surfaces? (in 60 -70 words)
6. Identify five actions you should take when storing hazardous cleaning chemicals and sanitising products.
7. List 6 requirements for the safe storage of cleaning products used to clean and sanitise kitchen equipment and surfaces.
8. What is an MSDS (in 50 words). List 5 contents of the MSDS?
10. Briefly describe 2 common sanitising methods in a commercial kitchen.
11. Describe the procedures to clean and sanitise thermometers, measures and scales to ensure the safety of food prepared and served to customers in about 30-40 words.
12. Complete the table with the steps involved in cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting methods to avoid risk to food for the following food preparation and storage areas:
13. Describe one use of the following types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
14. List 5 safe work practices to be followed including safe manual handling when (leaning food premises.
15. List 3 safe manual handling techniques you must use while bending, lifting and carrying heavy equipment while cleaning the kitchen.
16. Identify 4 ways you can use water more efficiently in your restaurant while cleaning commercial kitchens and equipment to reduce negative environmental impacts.
17. Identify 2 ways you can use energy more efficiently in your restaurant while cleaning commercial kitchens and equipment to reduce negative environmental impacts.
18. Complete the following table that lists the types of kitchen waste with their correct and environmentally sound disposal methods.
19. List three actions you should take to safely dispose of general kitchen waste.
20. Describe 3 pieces of information contained in a cleaning schedule?
21. Give 2 reasons why it is important to present kitchen premises to industry and workplace standards and list any 4 standards of presentation for a restaurant kitchen premises according to workplace and industry standards_
22. What are the requirements of a food business to report and maintain documentation about pest activity?
23. List at least 6 contents covered in emergency procedures for chemical accidents.
24. Read the following situations and calculate the ratios of cleaner chemical to water in order to make up a cleaning solution.
25. You are storing chemicals and equipment after a cleaning shift when you check what cleaning agents and chemicals remain in storage. You realise that the following items are out of stock/ need urgent replacement by tomorrow:
• Cleaning materials and chemicals:

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