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Sequential Lesson Planning Assignment


Sequential Lesson Planning (40%) (2500 words equivalent).

This assignment contains three components:

Part A: Lesson Sequence (1000 words equivalent) Develop an initial five lesson sequence that is differentiated and classroom-ready for a diverse group of students to introduce the Year 7/8 (Stage 4) unit Water in the World (using the Lesson Plan template in your Professional Experience Manual, or equivalent). Your lesson sequence will need to show effective sequencing through Understanding by Design to: Connect the general capabilities (GCs) of literacy, numeracy and ICT and the cross-curriculum priority (CCP) sustainability to an effective teaching and learning sequence using inquiry-based approaches (Graduate Stage: 2.5.1; 2.6.1) . (2) Identify, apply, and assess age appropriate differentiated strategies for a range of abilities (including gifted and talented) and diverse backgrounds using concept development; skills development; and knowledge acquisition in Geography (Graduate Stage: 1.1.1; 1.2.1; 1.3.1; 1.5.1; 2.1.1; 2.2.1; 2.3.1). (3) Accommodate diverse backgrounds within your classroom to enhance learning across the full range of abilities (Graduate Stage: 1.3.1; 1.5.1; 3.3.1).

Sequential Lesson Planning
Sequential Lesson Planning

Part B: 1500-word Justification Justify your professional choices using: (1) Critically appraised theories/models and approaches (TMAs) in lesson design and implementation to improve student learning and engagement. (2) Current evidence-based research to accommodate strategies within Christian and alternate schooling contexts. (3) Clear and appropriate integrated academic writing and presenting referenced work professionally. Get Commercial Cookery Assignments now !!

Part C: Appendices from your tutorial work (1) Scope and Sequence for the Year. (2) Concept map for the unit Water in the World. (3) Assessment Schedule and the assessment task for the unit, identifying which pieces will be chosen for reporting to parents and record keeping. Get help in assignments from top notch assignment writing agency.

(4) The three-week unit outline showing the weeks of teaching and the sequencing of lessons including those produced in Part A.