HC2022 Marketing research sample

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January 1, 2018
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HC2022 Marketing research sample

HI6008 Business research Assignment 2

HC2022 Marketing Research Sample


Table of Contents

Introduction: 3

Impact of technology on marketing research in today’s business: 3

Conclusion: 5

Reference list: 6


As the global environment is changing so that the companies need to plan the business ways in such an aspect so that it can be technologically advanced and the marketing research possibilities fulfil every criteria in positive manner. The marketing research technique will evaluate the different principles as the world is becoming one market and capital technology transfer in various ways (Nkhomaet al. 2013). Adjustment of the management technique will fill up each and every gap in the market research structure in the business prospect. In this study, the case will put emphasis on the criteria that ResMarket Pty as a marketing research company in Sydney is adopting various new technologies in the market so that their marketing activities plan can be in the competitive phrase. Furthermore, the technical aspect will create the strategic phrase for fulfilling the several criteria in the marketing practise.

Impact of technology on marketing research in today’s business:

Information technology help for the positive impact in the businesses as it can create proper understanding and the influential factors that get maintained with several aspects and this state will emphasise the marketing research technique in various ways for this company. The marketing line get improved in various ways like the convenience, sales, customers trustworthiness, adoptability of new programs and most importantly finding the potential customers for the business (Corbettet al. 2013). Customer service is the finest way for the business that can initiate for the each process that can able to develop the strategic practices in various ways and implementation of the same. The company has adopted several new ways that can undeniably fulfil all the criteria in marketing researchand technology being the strong aspect for this marketing research technique can initiate for strong business aspect. Technology can put the value in a strong way so that the allocation process in the marketing research technique for qualitative and quantitate research process get maintained. The technological advancements create that environment where virtual evidence for the research prospect get maintained (Palattellaet al. 2016). The service contributors particularly stay with the contact of the technological evaluation so that the skill and the technique get placed in a proper way. In order to meet the requirement of the market it is very much necessary that the company works with the consideration of the technology as it will create the best practices. Technology actually put value to the entire possibilities that can add up the requirements in positive and negative features. ResMarket Pty Company contribute in a possible way for the marketing research aspects and this technological help will consider and aim to the managerial prospects so that it can create the understanding of entire thing in a perfect way.

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For any of the marketing decision of the managerial aspect can consider with the acknowledgement that it can provide a strong sense for the marketing technique in considering the advancements in technology in several ways. Simple random sampling and the purposive sampling technique will find out the analysis of the several data and the collected information will get processed by the help of the technology. The information and the data in several ways will take up the structure for interviews and the questioners for applying in the data collection method. Marketing research technology culminate with the positive impact to the business that drive each and every criteria in a positive way. The rational decision making process in the business will serve for the marketing strategies, several development in the business along with the phrase where customers will get their desirable products in a perfect way. Technology being the foremost important criteria will generate the perfect understanding in the marketing research process that reach in the perfect sense of the competitive global market scenario. Globalization process within the marketing sector has created the understanding where the products and the services het measured according to their preferences within the customers and it will create the successful orientation in the market for the strategic development of the internal and external things in a perfect way. The computerized process in the research technique will help for the general understanding of the entire thing in a particular way so that people can proceed to initiate in the further growth and development criteria (Giebelhausenet al. 2014). Network systems and maintaining the networking support with the services will generate a perfect environment for the marketing researchprocess. Digital and the web communication process become the easy way for the company to connect with the customers and gather all sorts of information within a small amount of time. Software development and the programming technique will help for the further initiation of things and it will create the strong growth and development for the organization in a particular way. By analysing all the situations in perfect ways the strategy and the technological help standardise all the process in a particular manner so that t can generate the strong presence of the marketing research technique. Development in technology also incorporate the various services that support for the further development criteria as the company is facing competition from that aspect (Meyer&Peng, 2016). The affordable and accessible prospect for the system innovation and the non-disruptiveness in the services for their further implementation of things. Various other opportunities in the business and the strategical phrases within the structural phrases will understand the evaluation process in such a way that can generate the understanding for the ultimate coordination of things and the perfect judgement of the technological background.


Technological aspect in the marketing research technique has created such syndicated and advanced processed that the company can get perfect help from the entire possibilities. The marketing technique when get supported by the technology then the process become easy to cooperate in new things and serving the perfect understanding and acknowledgement for the entire criteria to manage and evaluate in a perfect way fir serving some of the future purposes. As the marketing competition is getting high day by day so it is very much important for a company to generate all the market knowledge in a particular way and it will suggest for their increase in customer orientation, gaining profit margins and create a interactive service basis with the market as well as with the products.

Reference list:

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