Refund Policy

Revision And Refund Policy

  1. If you decide to cancel your order before we start your work then we can adjust the same value of the money in next assignment. But in case the expert has started working then we would not be able to refund since writer would claim the funds from us.

2. In case your account has been double charged while making payment through Paypal then in that case you need not to worry. Just send us the proof for double payment so that we can settle your payment.

3. In most of the occasion Punjab Assignment help confirm assignment after checking details with our assignment experts. But sometimes writer may not be available for that assignment. In such cases we would offer you free assignment of same value next time rather than refunding the amount.

4. Please always provide all the assignment material, notes, class slide or any other relevant information required to process the assignment so that we can deliver on time. Still in any case there is some delay in the work due to any unavoidable circumstances then we would surely enhance quality to cover up for the delayed submission penalty.

5. Punjab Assignment help offers 100 percent satisfaction policy for its customers and we entertain multiple feedbacks even after 6 months of the assignment. But it is to be noted here that any assignment on which feedback has been done would not be eligible for refund.

6. Under normal circumstances our experts are well versed with assignments and would never let you fail. But in case of some unnatural circumstances your assignments get failed then we can refund 50% of the total amount paid. Reason behind making 50% payment is that we offer advance payment to our experts. Please be noted that valid failure proof has to be on record before claiming refund.

7. Many a times, the expected score for the students may not be achieved since everyone understand that there are lot of subjectivity involved in the assessment of any assignment. Hence in case you score low sometime then definitely get back to us so that we can understand what specific things teacher is looking for and make your next assignment in accordance to that.

8. Except clause 2 mentioned above it is the sole discretion for Punjab Assignment Help to whether refund the money in cash or do the assignment of same value

N.B: Claim falling under the above mentioned categories would be refund only