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PUBH1361 Principles & Practice of WHS


Assignment 2:  Control of Risks

 (2000 words – 24 marks) Due 24 April

Aim: To discuss the risks associated with the three hazards noted in Assignment 1 and how those risks are controlled within your organisation.

For those working within an organisation

  1. Provide a title and brief summary about the organisation and its business activities to set the context for your risk analysis. Provide a short statement about how you gathered the information that you used to form your opinions (e.g. what sources did you search using what criteria, etc.)
  2. For each of the three hazards that you discussed in Assignment 1, describe the context in which the hazard occurs and the controls that are in place to minimise the risk.
  3. Comment on the adequacy of the controls. Is the main emphasis on ‘above the line’ controls (design and engineering controls), or ‘below the line’ controls (procedures, behaviour and PPE) or a mixture of both? Looking at relevant legislation and literature and equivalent data from prior years conclude whether the control measures are effective – give reasons; provide evidence and references.
  4. Provide a Reflective Comment on your judgement. Address any or all of the following questions; feel free to add your own comments.  Is the organisation focused on the right things? Are illnesses and wellbeing being addressed as well as safety issues?  Are the actions adequate to control the risks? Are the hazards firmly on management’s radar, e.g. agenda of the Executive, OHS Committee, in the H&S Plan, etc? Is the legislation appropriate to protect the community from these hazards?
  5. Ensure that your document is formatted appropriately; use title, subheadings, correct spelling, appropriate grammar, etc. Use an appropriate referencing system and provide a reference list at the end of the document.

For those without an organisation

Use the same process as above, but look at the adequacy of controls across the industry and the nation. Look in the scientific literature, industry literature and government publication and regulations to determine the expected controls and their adequacy.

In your Reflective Comment, judge if the legislation and industry approach are adequate to control these risks.

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