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Psychology and Counselling School of Human Sciences

Module titleIntroduction to Applied Psychology
Module codePSYC1056
Module leaderDr Rob Willson
Coursework TitleAcademic Poster
Weighting (%)30%
Submission detailsOnline
Submission deadlineFebruary 8th, 2022, 11:30 pm
Extenuating Circumstances Deadline    February 22nd, 2022, 11:30 pm
Return dateMarch 1st, 2022, 11:30 pm

Coursework Assessment Guidance

1.  Learning outcomes of the assessment

  1. Demonstrate awareness of the broad range of social, economic and political activity to which psychology is making important contributions.
    1. Demonstrate awareness of many psychologists who have made major contributions in the applied field.
    1. Show a basic understanding of the applications of psychology to specific areas of work and life and understand some of the many problems involved.
    1. Have identified areas of psychology in which they are personally interested and to begin to relate this to future career opportunities.
    1. Show enhanced and developed academic skills and confidence in their ability to learn.

2.  Rationale for assessment

This assessment offers students an opportunity to explore in detail someone who has made a key contribution to one of main practitioner disciplines within Psychology, and/or is of great personal relevance to them.

3.  Guidelines for the assessment

This is an academic poster, which traces and provides details about the biographical background and key contribution of an influential psychologist within one of the key areas of psychology. However, students can choose someone of personal relevance to themselves, provided that they can justify their choice.

Forensic pathway students must write about someone from Forensic Psychology, Child Psychology pathway students must write about someone from Child Psychology, and Sport & Exercise students must write about someone from Sport & Exercise Psychology.

Poster details

The poster should follow the conventions for an academic poster. It should contain brief biographical information about the chosen psychologist and outline their key contributions to psychology. There should be a good balance between text and graphics, with text size sufficiently large to be easy to read. Students should comply with copyright law and use only copyright free images. A good source of copyright free images can be found at:

Examples of poster layouts and suggestions for how the poster should be presented are available within the seminar/assessment details section of the module Moodle page.

Appropriate references should be included following APA guidelines (or Harvard for BSc Sociology and Psychology students).

There is no word limit for this assessment, but the content must fit within the confines of an A1 size page and the font must be of a sufficient size to enable easy reading. This would typically be:

Headings = 48 Main text = 24

Students are encouraged to choose a font style that is easy to read from distance such as Arial or Times New Roman.

4.  Recommended reading

Your sources will depend upon the particular individual that you have chosen. Various texts in Applied Psychology are available in the library and provide basic information, as are specialist texts in each of the practitioner disciplines. You will be using predominantly secondary sources like textbooks. There is lots of online information as well as some brief information in the module notes