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Project Fundamentals


Assessment 1: Project Fundamentals (Individual)

Weighting: 40%

Task: This assignment will assess your understanding of the relationship between scope, budget and schedule; challenges in delivering successful projects and application of project management principles in context to the project.

Submission Details: Submit through Turn It In

The Introduction should be used to describe the project and the assignment themes in relation to the project. Please do not re-write the assignment question.

Part A


Identify a real example of a successful project and also a project management failure. Explain why the project was successful and also why the second project could be identified as a failure.

Part B


Define project scope, budget and schedule, and explain the concept of the project management triangle (Triple Constraint).

Part C


Discuss the opportunities and benefits of using an Agile project management approach. Please include a comparison to the more traditional forms of project management, including specific project example that would suit and would not suit an Agile approach.

The Conclusion is a summary of the closing arguments, and shows concepts you have learned or understood.