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PROJ6016 Project Management Capstone Proposal


PROJ6016 Project Management Capstone Proposal

Student Personal Details, please complete all fields:

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1.      Describe the problem / issue you propose to address.

2.      Why is the problem / issue of interest to you and why are you addressing this problem issue?

3.      Describe the key question you propose to answer via this project?

4.      Are you proposing to Research the problem OR carry out a project for your Employer? Do you have permission from your Employer?

5.      Describe the impact of the problem / issue to key stakeholders (including your Employer if you are undertaking an Employer based project). Please include a list of key stakeholders here.

6.      Describe how key stakeholders will benefit from your proposed project.

7.      Describe the key deliverables for which you will be accountable.

8.      How do you propose to carry out the project?  (Workplace arrangement if Employer-based project, OR Research processes if Research-based project)

9.      How long will the project take to deliver in full?

10.  Which areas of Project Theory will be addressed in the project that you propose to deliver?

Please list any references you may have used in preparing this Proposal. This includes any references that you may have used to consider your initial Capstone Problem and Question.

Please submit this document into your Weekly Log. Your Academic Supervisor will review and discuss your Capstone Proposal before you can complete and submit your Application Form.