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What is the PETAL Paragraph writing technique?


Why do students need essay writing services? Ask this question to anybody on the planet, and you will get a common answer that they fail to structure the essay perfectly and end up with mediocre grades. Are you also here for the same reason? If yes, then great! Here you will get to know about PETAL Paragraph, the best technique to organize and write the literary analysis essay.

petal paragraph

What Is Petal Technique?

“Is this PETAL the same as the flower’s petals?” We know this is what you are thinking. But, these two are poles apart from each other. Here, what we are talking about is a wonderful technique to structure literary essays. PETAL is an acronym for this awesome strategy. Here’s what each of its characters implies.

  • P: The phoneme “P” represents Point
  • E: The vowel “E” stands for Evidence
  • T: The consonant “T” depicts Technique
  • A: The alphabet “A” denotes Analysis
  • L: The letter “L” implies Link 

Now that you are aware of the PETAL technique, let’s elaborate on these elements one by one. Go through them without letting any distractions hamper your concentration even a bit. 

What Is the Ideal Length of a PETAL Paragraph?

Yes! Many students turn to experts finding the answer to ‘What is the length of a petal paragraph.’ Like usual paragraphs, petal paragraphs also consist of 2-3 sentences that concisely put forward the student’s thoughts with much clarity.

Here are a few points to note when structuring the essay using the PETAL technique:

  • Use a gripping hook to catch the reader’s attention.
  • The paragraph should focus on explaining only one point but in a clear way.
  • Provide strong evidence to support the point mentioned in the paragraph.
  • The paragraph must include a function and device that enhances the text.
  • Add a strong sentence to link all points and conclude the essay briefly

If you are using this technique for your writing task, then go through the below section. 

Petal Paragraph Structure

Structure of Petal Paragraph & How to Start It

Now, let us begin with the basic and most common query, “How to start a petal paragraph?” When writing an essay using this technique, one should follow 5 simple steps that are the acronyms of the technique’s name- PETAL as explained below:

Point: In My Opinion…

What if we had not explained our purpose of presenting this write-up in the introductory paragraph? Well, then like a confused person, you would have stared at the wall wondering “Why shall I read this document, have they written something worthy of my time or merely added a piece of writing to their blog section?” Well, similar thoughts come in the professor’s mind when he begins reading the essay. Therefore, the first element is the point. Here you are required to acquaint the professor with what are you analyzing.

Evidence: A Clear Example or Instance…

What if we make a claim without any evidence in its support? We know if that happens, then you will not believe us. Now, how can you think the professor will agree with your views if you don’t provide shreds of evidence? In the absence of solid proof, making the professor appreciate your thoughts is next to impossible. Therefore, the second component is evidence, which is also termed as the point evidence technique. Here you talk about the literary devices used by the author, his tone, etc. to back your arguments. 

Technique: My Way of Explaining Something…

In the former component, you have talked about the evidence, now you are required to give an example of the same. Confused? Well, do not be. What we intend to say is, quote the lines from the text which makes you think that the author talks in a particular tone or have used a literary device to explain his viewpoint.

Analysis: Proves the Point Because…

Is stating the evidence and techniques enough to make the professor agree with your thoughts? Well, it is not. You need something else too. Wondering what? You are required to analyze them and show how they help prove your arguments. Do not skip this analysis at any cost, otherwise, you will lose your dream grade.

Link: Hence, It Makes Me Believe in…

You have finally reached the last element of PETAL Paragraph. Here you need to accomplish the simplest task on the planet. What? All that you are required to do is, restate the point of the essay in fresh words and elaborate on how have you successfully proved the same. While doing this, also describe the importance of your analysis and how it contributes to the future studies of the subject.

So, this is how you can use the PETAL technique to write an appealing essay. But that’s not it! To make this technique clear to you, we have provided an example below. 

Example of Petal Paragraph

Now that you are familiar with PETAL examples and techniques in literature, can you compose the literary analysis effortlessly? We hope your answer is yes. In case you can’t and require any other assistance to compose the document, feel free to avail of the best literary essay writing services provided by us. 

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