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PDW Assessment 1: Emp App


3 components for this assessment Cover letter (maximum 1 page) CV/Resume (2-3 pages) LinkedIn profile Choose a job which you would like to gain for an internship or graduate positionTry to choose one with descriptive selection criteria NB: you submit one document


¢1 page maximum ¢Follow template ¢NOT To Whom it May Concern(make up a name) ¢Kind regards, Yours sincerely ¢Persuasive, positive, relevant ¢Ensure you include your LinkedIn profile link


¢Don’t need to write CV or RESUME on top ¢Photos – your choice but only a professional shot ¢3 page max (same document as letter) ¢Page breaks & footers ¢Suggested format ¢Reverse chronological order ¢Positive adjectives ¢Referees (not ‘references’) – 3 (use work related) ¢Ensure you include your LinkedIn profile link

Inserting Footer and page no

¢There are numerous ways to do this. Try one of these 2 methods: ¢http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Q0G2Ja7IA8 ¢OR ¢I usually do the following:
first page, enter
insert SECTION break ¢cv page 1, enter
insert PAGE break
cv page 2, enter
insert PAGE break
cv page 3

Then go to cv page 2
Insert> Footer > Blank 3 columns

Then you should see 3 boxes at the bottom with Type Text.
I type my name in left, organisation name in centre

Then in the right hand type text box  —- go up the top to Page Number
Choose ‘current position’ from drop down
Then scroll down choices and choose X of Y ¢ ¢Then up the top check box ‘Different First Page‘. Then move cursor up to first page (i.e. cover letter) and then check the ‘Different First Page’ box again.

LinkedIn Profile

Create (or update) your own LinkedIn profile —Photo & introduction —Experience —Education —Additional sections (eg skills, interests, groups) —Professional language —No spelling and grammatical errors —NB: you need to include the LinkedIn URL in your cover letter and CV