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OPMT 1187 Analysis of Project Management Issues


OPMT 1187 Assignment 3  

Subject: Analysis of Project Management Issues

Individual Assignment

Choose any TWO (2) issues below.

For EACH issue chosen, provide two (2) specific project management issues that had to be dealt with. Each issue should be in paragraph form and clearly explain in detail what the project management issue was and how the organization successfully managed this issue.

Assignment must be in your own words. Plagiarism will result in a mark of ZERO.

Choose any two from this list:

  1. Sydney Opera House
  1. Panama Canal Expansion 2017
  1. Boston “Big Dig” construction
  1. New Port Mann Bridge & Freeway upgrade construction
  1. Skytrain Canada Line construction

Assignment is due midnight 31, March 2020

Late submissions will NOT be accepted      

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