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Opinion writing samples


Opinion Essay – How to Write?

The general concept and idea

As a rule, opinion essay topics require you to present your point of view on a particular matter. In different periodicals, you can find lots of articles containing people’s opinions and attitudes towards various issues. You can use them as opinion essay examples for your own essay. If you’ve got a task to write an opinion essay on a public interest issue, you should be careful choosing the most appropriate way to express your standpoint.

 Opinion writing samples
Opinion writing samples

Choosing opinion essay topics – vital and relevant

Choosing the right opinion essay rubric is the first – and the essential – step towards composing a fine piece of writing. A burning, up-to-date, and a bit controversial topic is the one you have to look for. It should be something people can argue about. A sore point that triggers deep-rooted emotions. Note that you will have to take a certain side in the dispute and support your opinion with facts and credible evidence (scientific works, academic research, etc.)

Contrariety of social tolerance as a vivid topic example

Opinions expressed in essays on current social and political events are nondurable because people tend to change their views five times a day. However, they are on the tongues of men providing you with lots of space for a successful academic maneuver. Learn attitudes and dispositions of your target audience. Push the right buttons and enjoy your victory.

The opinion essay format mainly relies on controversy and a biased view of an author. However, truth is hard to find in such chaos. Therefore, a smart student gathers facts in the first place. Why? Because your personal judgment based on bullet-proof evidence is way close to the actual state of things. And always remember that although everyone has the right to express ideas freely, people have to respect the views of each other.

Speaking about delicacy, it is an essential part of any essay. Religious, ethnical, and issues regarding sexual orientation require tactfulness. Use euphemisms if you deal with one of these matters. Selecting one of such topics and its proper development will bring you more credits, but you have to be extra thoughtful to succeed.

Opinion essay examples

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