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Operation Management Assignment Help


Assignment 1 (35%)
This assignment is a high level review of your company / plant operation.

  1. Identify your employer, the type of industry, and your position contact numbers and
    email address at work.
  2. Discuss the function of asset management to the overall business.
  3. Explain the operation and performance requirements for the plant/assets.
  4. Identify the key physical assets and their operation and performance requirements for
    the overall production / availability of the operation / plant.
  5. Review ISO55000, ISO55001, ISO55002
  6. Provide a brief comment on each Major Headings (starting from Requirement of the Organization) as compare to your business. i.e.
  7. Context of the Organization
  8. Leadership
  9. Planning
  10. Support
  11. Operations
  12. Performance evaluation
  13. Improvement
  14. Identify 1 Major Requirement (or a specific sub-requirement), and comment on where
    you see improvement can be made
  15. Develop an action plan to address the improvement you identified in point 7.