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Online Tests and Quizzes Holmes Institute Australia !!


About Holmes Institute

Holmes is one of the most renowned institute in Australia offering widest range of educational disciplines such as Business management, Professional accounting, Information technology, Hospitality, master of Education, Cookery, Hospitality and many more. Students around the world travels to Australia in order to become part of the world class education system in Australia and get the employment opportunities which are not available in their countries. Australia offers widest range of employment opportunities and study options for the students from India, Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bangladesh and many other countries.

Assessment Pattern Holmes Institute

Holmes Institute in Australia adopts several forms of assessment so that they can check the understanding of the students pertaining to the particular coursework being taught by them. There are mainly three assessment pattern which are commonly used by Holmes Institute in Australia and given as under:

1. Online Tests/ Online Quizzes

2. Assignments/Essays/Presentations

3. Final Exam

Online Tests for Holmes College

Online Tests and Quizzes in Holmes Institute

Online Tests and Quizzes are conducted in Holmes College Australia wherein students are required to visit their Holmes Blackboard and for the particular subject there would be multiple online tests which needs to be attempted as a part of the overall academic assessment. Some of the important subjects for which online tests and quizzes are conducted by the college are as under

1. HI6005 MOG

2. Hi6007 Statistics for Business

3. HI5017 Managerial Accounting

4. HI5004 Marketing Management

5. HI5020 Corporate Accounting

6. HI6025 Accounting Theory

7. HI6026 Audit

8. HI6027 Law

9 .HI6028 Taxation

10. Hi6006 Competitive Strategy

11. HI5002 Accounting for Business

12. HI5019 Strategic Information System

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