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OIM7501 Emerging Issues in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Emerging Issues in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

OIM7501-B Assignment outline 

This individual 2,500-word (excl. title page, contents page, appendix, and bibliography) assessment is worth 70% of the module marks.  You are required to submit a report with the following details:

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Critically analyse any one aspect of the topic covered in the module.

Please identify a company of your choice and the issues the company faces around logistics and supply chain management.  Please refer to relevant academic concepts and frameworks to demonstrate the ability to apply theory to understand practice.

Discuss and critically evaluate issues around logistics and supply chain management (LSCM) based on concepts and frameworks covered in this module. 

Your arguments need to be supported by literature and should have a good balance of academic peer reviewed journals (please use at least five of them), textbooks, other reports and websites.  The coursework should consist of:

  1. A background of the chosen company, including the company’s overall logistics and supply chain activities. 
  2. An application of appropriate concepts and tools to critically analyse the supply chain issues of the company.
  3. A recommendation (drawn from literature) on what could be the plausible action for better LSCM.
  4. Lessons learned for the company and other firms in relation to logistics and supply chain management.

Please make sure that Harvard referencing in throughout your coursework.