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NUTR 2500 Sports Nutrition Langara


Assignment 1 Athlete Case Study Reena

Mark:   15% of course grade


  • To calculate and evaluate the BMI of an athlete and their weight goals.
  • To analyze the nutritional content of an individual athlete’s diet and to assess the impact of individual foods on the athlete’s performance.
  • To calculate the energy and macronutrient needs of an athlete.
  • To apply acquired nutrient and exercise physiology knowledge to a specific athlete’s diet.
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Use the information from the course along with your own research to answer these questions about the athlete (See below athlete profile). The amount of extra research will depend on your knowledge of sport. I suggest you review other chapters in your text and/or search online using the Langara Library to better understand the sport and the nutritional needs. As needed, cite any references using APA style (please review document on the course website if you are not familiar).

Save your assignment as a single document with your name and student number as the filename. Make sure your name is also on the document.

Athlete Profile:

Reena, a 20-year old woman, is on her university’s basketball team. Unfortunately, last year her team did not play due to COVID-19. With the change in her school and work schedules, Reena’s eating and activity habits changed as well.

With tentative plans for a return to in-person practice and games in the fall, Reena has started exercising regularly again. She wants her body to be ready to play well. Over the last 2 weeks, Reena has noticed her weight has decreased. She is worried she might be losing muscle. She asks for your help to review her eating habits.

Sport: Basketball Player – Small Forward

Health History: No serious medical conditions

Height: 175 cm                                       Current weight: 63 kg

Weight Prior to Starting Exercise: 66kg   Usual weight during basketball season: 65 kg

Training schedule:

MondaysRunning – 1 hour (constant, steady state)
TuesdaysBasketball practice – 1 hour (running interval training: 3 min fast, 1 min steady state, passing ball at slow steady jog, & practice layups)
WednesdaysStrength Training – 1 hour (medium weight, medium to high reps)
ThursdaysRunning – 1 hour (interval training: 2 min fast, 1 min steady state)
FridaysConditioning workout 1 hour – (light to medium weights, high reps at high intensity)
SundaysGame with teammates – 2 hours (4 x 10 min quarter plus 5 min breaks + 15 min half time)

Food Diary:

8 am1 small blueberry muffin500mL of tea with milk   250 mL water
9:30 am1 banana500 mL water
1pmStir Fry with 1 cup rice, 1 cup mixed vegetables (mushrooms and carrots) and 1 chicken breast chopped with soy sauce1 coffee   250 mL water
TrainingRunning 1 hour250mL water
4:30pm1 granola bar250mL water
7pm1 salmon fillet   baked potato   Small spinach salad topped with Italian dressing   oatmeal cookies500 mL water


Be ready for season to start in Sept 2021 Regain 3kg prior to season start.


  1. Calculate Reena’s BMI for her current weight, her original weight and her goal weight. Discuss the weight trend. Comment on your thoughts about her weight goals. Do you think they are appropriate? Why or Why not? (5)

2.      Carbohydrate Recommendations:

  1. Calculate Reena’s goal carbohydrate intake (as a range) using her current weight and the information in your textbook. Take into account the type of sport she’s doing and her training schedule (2)
    1. Explain your rationale – why did you choose that range? What parts of her history, training schedule and goals led you to that choice? (2)

3.      Protein Recommendations:

  1. Calculate Reena’s protein recommendations using her current weight (2).
    1. Look at Reena’s food diary in your athlete profile. What are her major protein sources? How much protein is she getting from her diet? Is it enough? Why or why not? (2)
  • During her Sunday games, which last about 2 hours with the mid-game break, Reena finds she is getting really tired and losing strength and energy in the second half of the game. You noticed she doesn’t fuel with anything but water during her games.
  1. What missing nutrient is likely causing her to feel this way? Provide a brief explanation why this occurs. (2)
  • How much of this nutrient should she consume during her basketball game? How often should she consume it? (2)
  • Give 2 examples (including a link if there is a brand involved) of a food and/or beverage she could easily eat or drink during her game. How much of the food or drink would she need to take each hour? (2)
  • Look at Reena’s food diary. Make three specific (amount, food timing, and addition/substitution that makes sense based on what he’s already eating) suggestions that target a nutrient she is lacking. (Hint look at questions 2-4).

*Note: do not make recommendations for 4:30pm snack – see next question (6)

  • How can you adjust Reena’s post run snack (4:30pm) to better repair muscle and restore glycogen? What foods would you add or change and why? (2)
  • We know that all three energy systems contribute to most sports. Describe how and when each energy system plays a role in a game of basketball (specifically

as a small forward). (4)

  • Please include all references you have used for this assignment including course notes, textbook, websites etc. in APA format. (2)

Marking grid:


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