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Your report will include:

A. Assessment: Using the information you collected in the Unit 6 assignment to help you to identify the socioeconomic and health issues of your selected family by analyzing data to determine the diagnosis or issues expressed as actual or potential patters / problems / needs that are related to health, wellness, disease, or illness. Remember you need to determine nursing diagnosis based on the family assessment and identify potential patterns / problems / needs related to health, wellness, disease, or illness.

B- Outcomes Identification: Define outcomes in terms of the family. The family values, cultural beliefs, and preferences, spiritual practices. Use the information from the Unit 6 assignment to help you with this.

C- Plan and implement strategies and alternatives to attain those outcomes.

D- Perform teaching and wellness promotion.

E- Evaluate how progress towards attaining those outcomes will be evaluated

F- Reflect: Include a self reflection at the end of your paper.

Questions :

– Give examples of how you combined relevant nursing experiences and academic knowledge to deepen your understanding when planning care for the family.

– Discuss strengths and challenges you experienced while completing this assignment.

– What prior experiences in nursing or prior course work helped you overcome your challenges to complete this assignment?

– How do you envision the lessons learned from this assignment will help you in the future as a nurse?

– How have you grown as a student or a nurse as a result of this assignment? And why?