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NUR1100 Introduction to Nursing Praxis (Assignment Task 2020)


Due Date: 30th March, by 11.55pm AEDST

Approximate Mark Return: 3 weeks from the due date (excluding late submissions)

Weighting: Marked out of 80 and weighted at 39%

Word Limit: 1500 words (+/- 10%)

Submission: Submit online via the assignment link on study desk (see Assessment tab). Nursing Praxis assignment will be submitted to Turnitin. Please refer to processes for requesting an extension for medical, compassionate or extenuating circumstances

Marking Criteria: Will be available via Study Desk

Key Concepts in the Course Related to the Assignment

• Person-centred care

• Caring

• Theory

Formatting Requirements:

• Include a header (student name and number), insert page numbers

• Use a plain serif (e.g. Times New Roman) or sans serif (e.g. Arial) font. A serif font is easier to read. Suggested size is

Font size 12

• Double line spacing (throughout the body of the assignment and reference list)

• Indent all paragraphs 1.3 cm to the right

• Leave 1 blank line between paragraphs

• Word document (typed), do not submit an assignment in pdf format.

• Provide a full reference list at the end of the assignment beginning on a separate page.

• The reference list does not form part of the assignment word count. In-text references and headings do form part of

the overall word count.

• No need to attach a marking guide

• APA 7 Referencing Style

• Make sure that you proof read your work beforehand. Consider using Smarthinking to help with your writing.

• It is accepted in this assignment for you to include headings. Some examples might be, Observed Caring Behaviours,

Description of Caring Behaviours, Nursing Caring Theory. You should include an introduction and conclusion but you

don’t need a heading for them.


Nursing is often described as the art of both science and caring. To provide high quality care, nurses need to practice within professional standards and ensure that their care is based upon quality evidence. On commencement of your nursing education, it is essential that you consider the role of caring in forming the basis for providing fundamental nursing care. Your nursing education will help you to develop an understanding of caring from a professional context and help you to develop the skills and behaviours considered crucial in providing quality, evidence-based, and patient-centred care.

Related Course Objectives for this Assessment Item:

1. Identify and demonstrate a knowledge of person-centred care as they apply to basic nursing skills.

2. Enact professional behaviours and communication skills in accordance with standards of practice.

3. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills to do comprehensive health assessments, including the collection and recording of data, for persons across the lifespan.

Assignment Stimulus Material:

Denise Palmer

This video is a USQ production involving 3rd year nursing students for Denise Palmer who is one of the key patients involved throughout your nursing program. The video is approx. 19 mins. You can also find this video inside the virtual simulation room on the study desk.

Aaqib Abbas

This video is a USQ production involving 3rd year nursing students for Mr Abbas who is one of the key patients involved throughout your nursing program. The video is approx. 13 mins. This video takes you on a journey from Mr Abbas’s home to his admission into the USQ hospital. You can also find this video inside the virtual simulation room on the study desk.

Style of Academic Writing Required:

Essay Style – based on 3 key sections

Assignment Task:

This assignment enables you to demonstrate a beginning understanding of caring. This understanding will relate to the importance of caring within the profession of nursing, common types of caring behaviours and how caring can be viewed within a theoretical perspective. As you also progress through your nursing program, you will begin to observe behaviours from other nurses and you will also engage in reflection of your own ability to care for others, and to care for yourself.

Step 1: Choose either Denise Palmer or Aaqib Abbas as the focus of your assignment


Provide a brief overview of caring as it relates to nursing practice, and a thesis statement providing an argument about the importance of caring.

Section 1: (approx.500 words)

Write a description of the types of caring behaviours that are observed in the video by the nursing students. This description should also demonstrate a beginning understand of what caring behaviours are based on descriptions from literature.

An example of how to write this:

In the nursing literature, caring behaviours can be described as……….(References). In the case study video of Mr Abbas, a number of behaviours related to providing comfort. As one example, it was observed in Mr Abbas’s video that the nursing students ensured his warmth by pulling up the blanket.

Section 2: (approx. 500 words)

Describe how these behaviours relate to the 6 C’s of caring described in your nursing textbook (compassion, competence, confidence, conscience, commitment, comportment) and relate these behaviours to the patient experience. This task requires you to link the observations from Task 1 with relevant nursing literature (e.g. your textbook and other professional journal articles).

An example of how to write this:

Providing comfort is considered a key caring behaviour of nurses. Comfort is a broad term which can have many meanings, for example, …………(References). Within the 6 C’s of caring (Reference), providing comfort is seen as a component of compassionate care. In the nursing literature there are many examples of the importance of providing comfort to ensure quality care and enhance the patient experience. For example, patients often perceive nurses as caring when they …………(Reference).

Section 3: (approx. 500 words)

Identify one nursing theory focused on caring. Describe one key idea that is of interest to you from that nursing theory and outline how in the future this concept could be incorporated into your care of a patient (such as Mr Abbas or Denise Palmer).

An example of how to write this:

A number of nursing theories include the core concept of caring. One such theory, the Theory of Human Caring …….describes caring as………(References). In this theory……….(Reference). One key idea that is of interest is………This is described as…… This idea could be incorporated into nursing care by ……………..(References).


Provide an overall summary of key points made within the assignment and link back to the ideas in the introduction.