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Need help with HI5019 T1 2020 SIS Group Assignments


HI5019 Strategic Information Systems for Business and Enterprise

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HI5019 SIS Group Assignment
HI5019 SIS Group Assignment

Cyber Security Case Studies

Key objectives of this group assignment of Hi5019 are as under

  • Evaluate systems development methodologies and the role of accountants in system development projects (ULO 3)
  • Appraise the risks inherent in computer-based systems/ERP, including the role of ethics and the various internal control processes that need to be in place (ULO 4)
  • Critically evaluate the range of cultural, security, privacy and ethical issues facing individuals and organisations as a result of information systems (ULO 5)

Note: This assignment needs to be done as a group and total word count required for this assignment is 3500 words and count for 30% of total assessment.

Assignment Requirement and Structure for HI5019 SIS Group


Your group is required to conduct a literature search and select three (3) cyber security case studies that are published between 2014 – 2019. Based on the selected case studies, your group is required to prepare a written report to cover the following points:

  • Description of case company in each case
    • General information of the company
    • Key business processes of the company
  • Cyber security issues covered in each case
    • Key cyber security issues identified in each case
    • Risks associated with the issues
    • Impacts of the issues on case company
  • Lessons learnt from each case
    • Actions reported in each case to address the identified issues
    • Outcomes of the reported actions
    • Proposed actions other than the reported ones that could be taken to address the issues
    • Suggestions for preventing the issues in future
Assignment Structure

The report should include the following components:

  • Assignment cover page clearly stating your name and student number
  • A table of contents
  • A brief introduction or overview of what the report is about.
  • Body of the report with sections to answer the above issues and with appropriate section headings
  • Conclusion
  • List of references

The report should be grounded on relevant literature and all references must be properly cited and included in the reference list.

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