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EDU4MLM Assessment Task 1: Research Perspectives

Due date:Submission deadline: Monday 14th March 2022, 11.59 pm 
Submission:Research Perspectives submitted to the LMS via ‘turn it in’
ILOs:1 & 3
Aims:To research inquiry-based curriculum methodologies that incorporate Multimodal Literacies and Mathematics.
Method:Research Perspectives-Literature Review   To familiarise yourself with academic literature available and demonstrate your ability to review, analyse, and summarise research or theoretical positions relevant to inquiry-based curriculum methodologies that incorporate Multimodal Literacies and Mathematics.   This review will be used when writing Assessment Task 2.   Task Design:   The Research Perspectives is to be presented as a literature review following this format:   An analysis of four research journal articles presented individually in a proforma (provided in LMS).   A summary of the key ideas from the four articles and implications of enacting inquiry-based curriculum methodologies that incorporate Multimodal Literacies and Mathematics in early childhood contexts.   Using accurate APA7 referencing and English language conventions.   Unpacking the assessment task.   Select four research articles that are relevant to the aim of the task – review Inquiry-based Multimodal Literacies and Mathematics in early childhood contexts.   Read each article to identify the information to be included in the AT1 Literature Review Proforma.   Complete the tables in AT1 Literature Review Proforma by extracting information from each article according to the prompts in the tables.   For each article, write a short summary of the key ideas reported in the article.   When all four summaries are completed, write a review/analysis that draws together (synthesizes) the commonalities and identifies the differences among the articles by comparing and contrasting key ideas from the four articles.   Avoid reiterating ideas from each article and discussing them separately. The idea is to synthesize and analyze the ideas. Suggestion: Choose one or two key ideas that are evident in all articles and discuss them in-depth. Don’t try to include a list of all the ideas.   Stay focused on inquiry learning, multimodal mathematics and multimodal literacy. Discuss the implications for learning and teaching in early childhood contexts. Citations and Reference List: All citations in the text need to be reflective of APA7 and included in your final reference list.
   Your literature review needs to: Include specific reference to how your research area is important to early years learning- Multimodal Literacies and Mathematics. Use 4+ scholarly references inclusive of peer-reviewed journal articles published between 2015-2022. published between 2015-2022. Be written in the third person to strengthen your discussion, you may refer to theory, curriculum frameworks, policy etc. Make sure you in-text reference these correctly.
Deliverables:Research Perspectives presented as a Literature Review with supporting reference list submitted to Turnitin.
Feedback:You should discuss your submission with your fellow students and your lecturer via the LMS, email for formative feedback. Summative feedback will be released via the LMS.

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