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Need help with BUSI1602 Global business and Sustainability


BUSI1602 Global Business and Sustainability Essay

Are you looking for help with BUSI1602 Global business and Sustainability essay which is worth 50% of the overall course grades for University of Greenwich? If so then you have landed at the correct website as Punjab Assignment help is the pioneer in writing quality assignments and essays for the various college and universities. This is one of the subject wherein there is high failure rate as announced by the teacher so students have to do it very carefully to secure passing grade in the assignment. Tutor has provided three options for the topic selection wherein students can choose the topic of their choice to secure high grade in this essay.

Topics for essay BUSI1602 Global business and sustainability essay

Below are the three choices provided by the teacher for students to select

Topic a: Critically analyse the strategies of two large multinational companies from two different sectors to show
to what extent they are addressing the climate/environmental emergency.

Topic b: Provide a critical essay on the credibility and accuracy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports.
Use 2+ companies and their CSR reports as examples to strengthen your arguments within.

Topic c: Examine the implications of the concentration of international economic power in the hands of MNEs. Do these enterprises move the world towards trade patterns that favour one’s comparative advantage? If ‘Yes’ then
why? If ‘not’ then what would you suggest as an alternative? Use ONE company as a case study to support your interpretation

Students have to write an essay of 3000 words on the chosen topic and as per teacher papers which would secure 68 marks out of 100 marks would be considered as the top papers. In order to secure high marks an essay should have correct answers with logical flow of the information. Get HND Assignment help service now !!

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