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Need help for HI5020 Corporate accounting Tutorial


HI5020 Corporate Accounting Tutorial Help T1 2021

Overview of HI5020 Corporate Accounting Tutorial

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The process of implementation of different rules and regulations within an organisation to make sure that appropriate financial condition within the organisation is maintained is called Corporate accounting. HI5020 Corporate Accounting not only benefits the company but also enables the executives in making financial decisions. The Corporate Accountants dealing with all this work are also often referred to as Management Accountants. It is generally maintained to ensure the fact that a specific proportion is maintained between the allocated budget and the overall expenses. Budgets are prepared to adequately allocate the funds and resources for various expenses in the departments of the company.

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Corporate accounting is for large organizations and partnerships, where the requirements and demands for filing accounts are less rigorous. Corporate Accounting includes the elements of book-keeping, classification of transactions, analysis of reports in such a way that these reports can be further used for decision making. The process of corporate accounting is exclusively associated with business organisations and enterprises only. Corporate accounting is also included in the MBA syllabus and is considered as an essential domain.

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