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Need Help for Cert III & Cert IV commercial cookery logbook?


Struggling with commercial cookery logbook for Cert III and Cert IV?

As a part of the Commercial cookery Cert III and Cert IV students are required to complete their logbooks. Basically, these logbooks present the various service instances which students have in their kitchen and they have to record every instance with help of these logbook. Cert 3 in commercial cookery coursework require students to accomplish SITHCCC020 Work effectively as a cook to be filled up by taking the menu of their choice or the menu of the hotel/restaurant with which they are working presently. Similarly, Certificate iv in commercial cookery require students to fill up the SITHKOP005 Coordinate cooking operations.  

Commercial cookery logbook
Commercial cookery logbook

Certificate III in commercial cookery Logbook

certificate iii in commercial cookery course has logbook for SITHCCC020 Work effectively as a cook in which there are 48 complete food service periods needs to be recorded by the student while working in a commercial kitchen. These service periods are divided equally in the breakfast, lunch, dinner and special function menus. There is specific workflow summary which is asked in the logbook and it has below mentioned headings where students have to furnish specific details while working in commercial kitchen

  1. Service period information (containing outlet name, date of service, service period and no of kitchen staff etc)
  2. Mise en place tasks
  3. Recording knife demonstrated during the service period
  4. Five cooking methods deployed during the service period
  5. Liaison with the team members during the service period
  6. Special dietary request carried out for the customer
  7. Cleaning duties performed
  8. Student self-evaluation in terms of skillset gained in the service instance
  9. Workflow plan brief

Certificate IV in commercial cookery logbook

Cert IV SITHKOP005 Coordinate cooking operations logbook also known as work placement logbook require students to accomplish 12 complete food service periods for breakfast, lunch, dinner and special function. For all workflow summary occasion students are expected to record instance details (outlet name, date, no of kitchen staff), mise en place task for the period, knife demonstrated on commodity, five cooking methods used in that service period, team liaise with, details of service procedure followed, cleaning duties carried out and workflow plan brief occurred in the given service instance. All these details need to be submitted for 48 service instances I.e., 12 each for breakfast, lunch, dinner and special function.   

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