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MSc Management Programme | Management


Assessment Brief ofMSc Management Programme Management

2.1. Part 1 – Cesim Business Report (3,500 words)

You are required to write a Business Report for the CEO on the performance of your company as experienced in the Cesim Global Challenge business simulation. You should NOT introduce any insights or information from the real world e.g. the current trade and political relationship between the USA and China, unless this is specifically referred to in the Cesim notes.MSc Management Programme Management.

The CEO of your Company is considering their options over the next 3 years. Your Business Report should provide the CEO with clear and concise information that will guide them in their decision- making process. Your Business Report should be structured as follows:

• An Introduction to your Cesim Company and its competitive position relative to the other companies

• A critical analysis of the mobile phone manufacturing industry as represented by the Cesim simulation and its external environment in the final round of your simulation. You should draw only on the information and data provided by the simulation

• A critical evaluation of the sources of competitive advantage (internal analysis) utilised by your company and how these differ from other firms competing in the Cesim simulation

• A detailed critical analysis of ONE of the following activities:

  o The outsourcing of manufacturing activities;

  o The investments in R&D

  o The Marketing expenditure

You should research your chosen topic and also draw on the positions adopted by competing companies during the simulation (compare and contrast), providing appropriate academic content and evidence wherever possible. In this section you are expected to research trends in the real world as well as critically analyse the position you adopted in the Cesim simulation and represent them concisely, with referenced evidence.

• Recommendations for the CEO that will improve the company’s performance over the next 3 years. Your recommendations should be commercial, realistic and justified.

MSc Management Programme Management

2.2 Part 2 – Stakeholder Report (500 words)

You should analyse the power and influence of the stakeholders of your Cesim company using an appropriate academic framework (for example Mendelow’s Power / Interest matrix). You should identify those stakeholders that the company should prioritise based on the recommendations you have made and indicate an appropriate communication strategy to engage those Stakeholders.

2.3 Structure of Your Submission

You should submit both reports as a single document structured as follows:

– Business School Cover Sheet

– Report Title Page

– Table of Contents

– Part 1 – Cesim Business Report (3,500 words)

  o Introduction

  o The External Environment

  o Sources of Competitive Advantage (internal analysis)

  o Detailed critical analysis of ONE of the following strategic decisions that you have made in the Cesim simulation:

– The Outsourcing of Manufacturing Activities OR

– Investments in R&D OR

– Marketing expenditure

– Recommendations to improve performance over the next 3 years

– Part 2 – Stakeholder Report (500 words)

  o Stakeholder Analysis

  o Stakeholder Management

– References

– Appendices

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