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MRKT501 Marketing Management



ASSIGNMENT TYPE:                MARKETING JOURNAL ANALYSIS REPORT WEIGHTING:                                                25%

WORD COUNT:                        1,200 WORDS


This assessment involves analysis of a marketing journal article that fits one of the ten topic areas covered in this course. Essentially students need to critique the article, explain its fit with the course, and its possible usefulness to a marketing manager seeking to adjust a service product’s marketing mix (comprising the 7 P’s).

A listing of academic marketing journals from which you can select a potential article appears in the unit outline. You may also select an article from another marketing journal not on the list. It MUST be a marketing journal. Your selected article be CANNOT be a newspaper or a magazine article. A journal article will always have an Abstract at the beginning of the article, and a Bibliography (Reference List) at the end of the article. In the main body of the article there will be citations of sources used. If you wish to discuss your choice of journal article you should contact the lecturer.

Your Report should address the following and be structured accordingly. The main aspects that should be addressed are noted in brackets:

  1. Introduction (name of article, name of journal, topic in course relates to, outline assignment structure)
  2. Article Summary (outline of what article investigates, main arguments in article, key findings in article)
  3. Course Fit (re-state topic in course relates to, how main arguments in journal can be related to the topic)
  4. Possible Usefulness (outline how article’s key findings can be useful to a manager making mix adjustments)
  5. Conclusions (insights about marketing management gained from analysis of the article)

The 1,200-word count should be divided into Introduction (100 words), Article Summary (250 words), Course Fit (350 words), Possible Usefulness (350 words) and Conclusions (150 words).

A marking rubric for the assessment will be posted to ENGAGE.


  • Your report must be written as an academic report, in the third person and contain an Introduction, Body (answering the two questions above), a Conclusion and Reference list.
    • You must use at least four (4) in-text references to support your discussion, including your prescribed text and the selected journal articles.
    • You must use a variation of the Harvard referencing style, e.g., as per LCBA’s Harvard Referencing Guide or the Harvard Anglia 2008 MS Word’s built-in Citation & Bibliography tool. All references must be formatted consistently in accordance with the chosen style.
    • You must submit your assignment to Turnitin, via LCB Engage
    • Extensions will not be granted except for medical reasons in accordance with the policy that is cited on the Academic Resources Site in LCB Engage
    • Please format using:
      • Calibri, 11 font;
      • left alignment;
      • double space between paragraphs; and
      • use at least 1.5 line spacing to increase ease of online reading and marking.