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MPM732 | Critical Thinking for Managers | Management


Stage 1: data gathering  

MPM732 Critical Thinking for Managers Management. Complete the SuperStrong activity. Instructions for SuperStrong can be found in this document.

To complete the SuperStrong Interest Inventory:

1. Sign up to SuperStrong.  Fill in your details using your Deakin email address and a password of choice.

2. Work through the questions. Make sure to take your time and be honest with yourself. The results are only as accurate as of the information you put in.

3. The results page will show your personalised SuperStrong Insights and Occupational Themes.

4. Scroll down and ‘like or dislike’ the career areas of interest.  Click ‘Save Ratings’.

5. Select ‘Career Pathways’ to explore jobs based on your interests by selecting the ‘Show More’ tab.  

(You can also search for other jobs using the ‘Open Search’ function).

6. Select careers of interest for more information.  

It’s important to note:

• SuperStrong does not measure abilities.

• SuperStrong does not recommend one specific major or career that you “should” follow.

• Interests represent only one important component of good academic and career decision making. Factors not measured by the SuperStrong that are also important to consider include your abilities, values, goals, family concerns, and lifestyle needs.  See Career Decisions.

Stage 2: data description and interpretation 

Complete each section of your Personal Dashboard before starting your self-assessment. Some of the entries for your Personal Dashboard will be addressed in the Study guide. Other entries will require you to think about them now and reflecting.  

Stage 3: critical interpretation and argument

Use the results of the SuperStrong Inventory Tool as a basis to create a critical “Vision for Me” in which you define, communicate and justify:  

1. Who am I? (beliefs, values, ethics) 

2. Where are my personal strengths and skills?

3. What primary career pathway am I best suited to and why? 

4. What skills, knowledge, core competencies and qualities do I manifest that make me an asset to an employer in my chosen field? 

MPM732 Critical Thinking for Managers Management

Stage 4: Reflection on tools and techniques 

In this section, you are required to identify and justify the critical thinking tools and techniques employed in the development, critical interpretation and justification/defense of your personal vision across the preceding 3 stages.

Word limit: 2000 (with 10% variance).

Suggested report format:

1. Introduction

2. Stage 2: data description and interpretation

3. Stage 3: critical interpretation and argument 

4. Stage 4: Reflection on tools and techniques 

5. Conclusion

6. References

MPM732 Critical Thinking for Managers Management

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