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MKT510 Cultural and Interpersonal Influences on CB


Assessment item 2 – Cultural and Interpersonal Influences on CB

Value: 35%

Due Date: 05-Jan-2022 Return Date: 27-Jan-2022 Length: 3000

Group Assessment: No

Submission method options: Alternative submission method


Analyse and evaluate cultural and interpersonal influences on the consumer behaviour of a chosen target market. Then make recommendations about how this knowledge could inform marketing strategy to address the issue/ opportunity you have identified.

To begin, choose the context for your discussion: Identify and describe an organisation and focus on one of their product/service offerings. Choose an issue or opportunity, related to that offering, affecting one of their target markets. (This context will be the focus of assessment 2 AND 3).

Write a report whereby you analyse and evaluate the influence of cultural and interpersonal factors on the consumer behaviour of your chosen target market (draw on the theories covered in Chapters 2, 3 and 4 to inform your report).

Analyse and make recommendations about how this knowledge could be used to address the issue or opportunity you have described (those recommendations should be related to the organisation’s marketing strategy (i.e. marketing mix, positioning, targeting and segmentation).

Step 1: Choose your context

  • an organisation,
  • a specific product/ service offering,
  • an issue or opportunity affecting one target market

Draw on company reports and publicly available information (e.g. through IBIS world) to describe the context.

NB: You can choose an organisation you work for or are familiar with and select one revenue generating product or service provided, guidance will be provided about how to do this and it is fine to check in with your lecturer to refine your idea. Alternatively, you could approach the lecturer who can assist you to come up with an alternative context.

Step 2: Collect information to allow you to analyse and evaluate the cultural and interpersonal influences that are influencing the target market.

You will need to use a variety of theoretical, industry and data sources depending on which context you choose. Researching the market and developing an accurate customer profile is a critical part of understanding customer behaviour and the buying decision-making process. Consider cultural and interpersonal issues that are likely to directly or indirectly influence the consumers’ decision-making.

Step 3: Write your report

Below is a guide as to how you might structure your report and what should be included in each section

  Heading  Content
Title:The title should tell the reader what the report is about.
  Executive Summary:An accurate summary of the content of your report including recommendations. (Note: this is not counted in your word count)
Table or list of contents:List the main sections/headings of the report and page numbers. (Note: this is not counted in your word count)
List of tables and illustrations:You are encouraged to include table/graphics/charts to support your analysis (these should be referenced). (Note: this is not counted in your word count)
  Background:Outline the context by describing the organisation / offering / target market and issue / opportunity. Include an overview of the firm’s current marketing strategy for the target market.
  Theoretical approach:Outline the areas of theory (from Chapters 2-4) relevant to your case organisation. It is good practice, when you begin to talk about a theoretical concept to make sure it is defined.
Analysis:Provide an analysis of the information you have collected about the cultural an interpersonal influences on behaviour.
  Evaluation:Evaluate the nature of those influences and the implication for the consumer behaviour of your target market, with respect to the issue/ opportunity you have identified.
  Conclusion:Provide a summary of what you set out to do, what you did and what it means (this may lead into the discussion of recommendations). There should be no new information introduced at this point.
    Recommendations:Make recommendations for how marketers (in your organisation) can apply this critical understanding to address the issue or opportunity you have identified, referring to the organisations marketing strategies (marketing mix, positioning, targeting and segmentation).
  References:List alphabetically the sources referred to in your report. Use APA 7th Edition. Only include sources mentioned in the report. (Note: this is not counted in your word count)
Appendices:Here you can include any documents that you believe are
 relevant to your findings. (This is not compulsory). (Note: this is not counted in your word count)

Step 4: Make sure all sources are referenced in text and in the reference list using APA 7th

Charles Sturt University requires you to reference in American Psychological Association (APA 7th Edition) referencing style and this applies to all of your assessments for this subject. A guide to the APA style is available for students Study guides and tips’ on the student portal:

Step 5: Submit


This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  • be able to analyse the buyer decision process and critique effects of situational influences on consumer purchases;
  • be able to critically examine the stages of information processing and the internal factors that influence each stage in relation to consumer behaviour;
  • be able to assess key trends and issues facing consumers today and describe the potential effects on current marketing strategies.