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MKT002 Marketing New Products


MKT002 Marketing New Products UBSS Assignment Help

Maybelline Taps ITZY Icons

MKT002 Marketing New products
MKT002 Marketing New products

Instructions MKT002 Marketing New products

Attached is your group case for MKT002 Marketing New products.  Please answer the questions at the end of the case.  Ensure that you outline your target market profile, your method of promoting the product and include any tests you want to do to launch this new product.  Your PowerPoint presentation should be emailed to me .

Assessment 2 is a Group Project worth 25% – 10% for the PowerPoint Presentation and 15% for the Report.  Groups will be provided with the case two weeks before the due date

U have to make a report after that assessment PowerPoints. So male it according to that. First the professor will approve PowerPoints and then he will make a report

Maybelline signs the first-ever musical group to be its newest spokesmodels.

The group, called “ Itzy” is a K-pop band that rose to global success in just two years.  The five members—Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna—join Maybelline’s star-studded line-up of spokesmodels including supermodel Gigi Hadid and actress Storm Reid.  Maybelline feels the girls were a perfect match for its brand as they honour the slogan, “All in us”, which reflects self-confidence and unconditional self-love.  Itzy will debut in Maybelline’s Hypersharp Liner, Ultimatte Lipstick, and SuperStay Foundations campaigns in Asia, along with a slew of videos promoted across social media.

MKT002 Marketing New products
MKT002 Marketing New products
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Maybelling Case C

The makeup giant’s new move reflects the current cultural and consumer climate.  In addition to the Stop Asian Hate movement, Asians and Asian features have been highlighted, for better and worse, on buzzy platforms like TikTok and Instagram for some time now.  For example, the “fox eye” makeup trend, which often resulted in a cat-eyed, slanted look most commonly seen in Asians.  Similarly, “kawaii” personas, which originate from Japan, are starting to cause scuffles on the platform for the same controversial reason: cultural appropriation.  While imitation can be flattery, a lot of the content regarding these two aspects skew unfair to those Asians who may have spent years struggling with their appearance due to unrealistic and confining beauty standards.  Because Itzy also embodies both self-expression and individuality for a communal good, they may also appeal to Gen Z.  Members of this generation cherish activities that are simultaneously self- and community-serving, like finding a one-of-a-kind leather jacket at a thrift store and as such, also reducing chemical pollution brought on from creating and buying new clothes.

By shining the spotlight on actual Asian spokespeople, Maybelline, which boasts a glowing position within L’Oréal’s portfolio, may be able to connect with consumers who often feel overlooked, or worse, used.

  1. Making use of demographics and psychographics, clearly identify the target market that Maybelline is aiming at for this new approach and justify your analysis.
  • Recommend the strategy for the launch campaign, including the media that Maybelline should use to ensure the success of is new campaign.

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