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MKT001 Brand Management Assignment Help


Term 3 2022 MKT001 Brand Management

Individual Assignment 1- Essay

 By Sunday Week 5, 11.59 pm

For this assignment, students will choose a brand of their choice. Each student is required to preparewritten essay, using The Brand Resonance and Brand Elements Model.


  1. Brand resonance model: Analyse your brand based on the six (6) building blocks of the Brand Resonance Model, as discussed in session 3. Refer to the journal “Building Customer Based Brand Equity: A blueprint for Creating Strong Brand” (Keller, 2001) posted in the “assessments folder” on Moodle to assist you.
  • Brand elements Model: Analyse your brand based on the brand elements discussed in session 4. Assess the brand elements against the six (6) criteria for choosing brand elements.

Written essay – 1200 words (10%)

The written essay allows you to go discuss detail regarding the analyses of your chosen brand.

Essay format:

· Total word limit is 1000 words (+/- 10%) excluding cover page, references, and appendices

· Please include a cover page that states: Subject Code and Name, Student Number and Full Name.

· The assignment should be structured as an essay, with appropriate headings: introduction, critique of brand elements, brand resonance model, conclusion, and references.

 The essay should include a minimum of 3 academic references (excluding Keller, 2001)