BUGEN 5930 Business, Society & the Planet
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January 30, 2018
BUGEN 5930 Business, Society & the Planet
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January 30, 2018

MIS782 Business & Law

BUGEN 5930 Business, Society & the Planet

MIS782 Business & Law

Case Background

Refer to the same case study used in Assignment 1:

This case chronicled the digital transformation of DBS Bank in seeking regional growth amidst new digital era in the Asian banking industry. Led by its CEO, DBS invested heavily in technology and undertook radical changes to ‘rewire’ the entire enterprise for digital innovation. Key thrusts of its digital transformation strategy involved the revamp of its Technology and Operations organisation, the development of scalable digital platforms, the leverage on technology redesign the customer experience, and the internal incubation and external partnering in seeking new digital innovation.


Opportunity for further IT investment:

Going forward, DBS Bank considers what should be the next steps in their digitization strategy.

  • Where should the bank direct its technology investment dollars?
  • How can DBS systematically assess the opportunities and threats of digital disruption in the banking industry and devise a set of possible strategic response?
  • How can DBS stay at the forefront of financial technology innovation to become truly innovative Asian Bank of the future?

DBS’s CEO has considered this very question and has decided to focus on one major area – the FinTech. Financial technology is the new technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services.

Take for example, block chain technology. Clear benefits, such as the transparency and immutability of financial transactions, lower transactions costs, are easy for the management team to notice. But are there other less obvious benefits to banks and their customers? What about a range of savings that block chain

Assessment Information

technologies bring to the table? Are there new services that block-chain could enable such as disintermediation & trustless exchange, single ledger, better security and so on?

Your team has now been tasked with the job of exploring benefits of FinTech (e.g. block chain technology) then deciding in which form they might be integrated into the Bank. Senior management is concerned about regulatory ream and the initial capital costs of block chain technology. First step in convincing the management of your vision is to produce a business case.

Your Assignment

As the head technology adoption team your job is to write a convincing business case that provides sound argumentation for investing in FinTech (e.g. block chain technology) to reach DBS Bank’s business objectives. The business case should be aimed at the senior executive team at DBS Bank.

You are to produce a business case guided by the 6-step “Framework for Business Cases” outlined during the live support sessions (This will also be covered in Course 3, Week 1 on FutureLearn). Delving deeper into the business case framework, the 4th step mentions analysis of various options identified in the previous step.

Under normal circumstances a detailed analysis of all options would be carried out. Due to time constraints, you are only expected to perform a detailed analysis of your one chosen option in step 4 of the framework.

For further support information about Report Writing, refer to the following Website:


Formation of groups

Students are to work in groups of 3 or 4. Once you have organised who is in your group, you will need to enrol in a group for yourself.

You will need to enrol into a group by 11-12-2017.

To enrol into a group please liaise with your group members and pick an empty group to enrol into. Do NOT join a group randomly nor without seeking the original group member permissions.

Use this link to access and enrol into a group

The assessment must be submitted by the due date electronically via FutureLearn (Submission link is published in Course 4, Week 2).


Read this rubric carefully – it outlines what criteria your assessment will be evaluated on.


The assignment must be completed/submitted by the due date electronically through TurnItIn in FultureLearn

Assessment Information

Each group is to submit one copy of the assignment only. When submitting electronically, you must check that you have submitted the work correctly by following the instructions provided in FutureLearn.

Please note that hard copies or copies via email will NOT be accepted or part of the assignment submitted after the deadline or via email. If the assignment is submitted late, we will apply penalty deductions of the assignment mark.

You are required to check originality through Turnitin, prior to submitting the final assessment. To check the originality of your work, revisit Step 1.14 within the Preparing to Succeed course for more information about using Turnitin or submit your draft here.

To view a quick guide on using Turnitin this resource will help you and includes a short video on using Turnitin and accessing the feedback on your assessment.


Extension requests

No extensions will be considered for this assessment unless a written request is submitted and negotiated with the Unit Chair at least 48 hours before the due date. It is student’s responsibility to keep backups of the assignment.


Feedback prior to submission

Students are able to seek assistance from the teaching staff to ascertain whether the assignment conforms to submission guidelines. Questions need to be formulated in writing as the teaching staff will not read parts of the assignment prior to submission.


Feedback after submission

Your assignment feedback will be returned in a rubric via FutureLearn with an overall mark together with comments.

Academic integrity, plagiarism and collusion

Academic misconduct and plagiarism is subjected to penalties. Plagiarism and collusion constitute extremely serious breaches of academic integrity. They are forms of cheating, and severe penalties are associated with them, including cancellation of marks for a specific assignment, for a specific unit or even exclusion from the course. If you are ever in doubt about how to properly use and cite a source of information refer to the referencing site above. Plagiarism includes and is not limited to:

  • Copying others’ work without appropriate referencing
  • Re-using assignment material completed by other students
  • Contracting others to do assessment tasks on your behalf

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